Sunday, August 24, 2008

71 Pokes

Last Sunday Nikki and I decided we wanted to see how many times she actually pokes her fingers in one week, 7 days. Nikki was vigilant in keeping up with her test strips -- those of you who either have diabetes or live with a diabetic know that used test strips take on a life of their own and move around your house, car, yard, classroom, etc. at will, so it was a bit of a challenge to keep them all in ONE spot for 7 days.

After church this morning we returned home and focused on counting the strips she had used and trying to decide how to really make a point regarding exactly what your fingers (or arms) go through, day in and day out. We decided that since we are currently fundraising for the diabetes walk on September 6, we would make a sign with all the strips (pictured above).

Nikki poked her fingers a total of 71 times over the last 7 days (She doesn't bleed well on her arms, so we don't use them for sugar testing). Think about that for a minute and then mulitply that number times a lifetime of finger pokes! -- unless we can find a cure very soon.

I'll close this posting with a random thought, (me? random?). You know those diabetes glucose meter commericals that advertise their product(s) as the best meters because they are 'virtually pain free'; I'm here to tell you that there is no such thing. It irks me more than a little to have someone --who has no idea what life with diabetes is like -- come up to one of us and say "with the new meters out it doesn't hurt to check her blood sugar now does it". YES it does, and your fingers wind up looking like 10 little pin cushions. I used to get upset (in my head) when Nikki would come home from art class after a day of painting and all the hundreds of little holes in her small fingers would REALLY show up because the paint would adhere to them.

71 pokes in 7 days...............