Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Amber's Thoughts About Diabetes

Amber’s Thoughts On Her Sister Having Diabetes

I don’t like that she has to go through poking her fingers, change her sites for more pokes, go low and gets sick a lot.

Sometimes I get a little jealous because of all the attention Nikki gets.

Sometimes I think mom loves Nikki more because she has diabetes.

My friends help me raise money to cure diabetes, I like that my friends understand my sister has diabetes.

When Nikki first got diabetes I thought she wouldn’t be able to swim, ride her bike or do all the things she really can still do.

When Nikki was in the hospital when she first got diagnosed and I had to go to school I was scared and mad. I was mad that she was sick and I didn’t understand why it was happening to her and I was scared because I thought she would never come home and she would die.

Most of them time I know my mom loves me and Nikki exactly the same and that makes me feel really good.

When Nikki goes low and needs me I know exactly what to do. I stop everything, get her meter, and get my parents on my way to get her a juice. I like knowing I can take care of her, I can do it.

Being able to tell my mom that I feel jealous and stuff makes me feel good. Because I know my mom understands me and she doesn’t think I’m a bad person for feeling the way I do.

I know my sister has diabetes but I really like how it didn’t change her, she’s still Nikki (and still annoys me).


Anonymous said...

Hi Am -
You are a wonderful big sister but most of all - just a wonderful person! I am so proud of you for so many reasons! Love ya, love ya, love ya!!!!
Nini Joyce