Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blessings All Around

So I just got off the phone with my forever friend, Pamela. I use the term ‘forever’ in a very literal way. Pamela is more like my sister than my friend. Our life as sisters began 14 years ago in her last tri-mester of pregnancy with her youngest daughter Khadija, who is Amber’s forever friend and sister. This got me to thinking of how much God has blessed my life and how much I know, for a fact, that I am not deserving of his grace and blessings.

Thinking along those lines brings me to the reason for this particular blog. I would like to briefly list the names of some of the greatest gifts God has bestowed on me, my husband and my girls. I would also like to throw this out: what an awesome thing it is to actually, physically make a list of the ways God has interceded through his blessings in your life. Talk about being able to catch a glimpse of God!

Each name has had a direct impact on our fight against diabetes, either knowingly or unknowingly. Please understand that this is not a list of the only people who are important to us or whom we love, it’s just a very specific listing of those that have touched a major area in our lives, in some way, over the last 12 months.

Paula Caldwell, Allen Caldwell, Winona Brown, Linda Moore, Jami Moore, Wendy Beckham, Brittany Perkins, Cody Perkins, Michael Tipton, Pamela Zakvi, Khadija Zakvi, Ishaq Zakvi, Heather Coyle, Mike Coyle, Samantha Coyle, Gus Coyle, Melissa Willis, Brooke Willis, Tom Owen, Janee Owen, Emily Roberts, Gina Roberts, Joyce Slaton, Mark Turner, Mindy Hawkins, Mikayla Hawkins, Sara McMorrow, Paula Rust, Emily McBee, Karen Carmony, Angela Noel, Amy Deck, Suzanne Pennington, Loretta Hensley, Lexi McDonald, Allyson McDonald, Yvonne Yeager, Missy Harris, Steve Harris, Jeff Hester, Bill Clark, Sherry Clark, Kara Hugunin, Chuck Hugunin, Nicole Hugunin, Paul Hugunin, Debbie Repka, Nick Repka, Jim Ziege, Kim Ziege, Nicole Ziege, Zack Ziege, Briana Turner, Stacy Gaylor, Tom Gaylor, Bill Risher, Sherry Risher, Kym Kroske, Jill Schuler, Jane Enzweiler, Gene Lovensheimer, Melody Simms, Nate Niemi, Susan Niemi, Pennie Grubbs, Chris Grubbs, Tristen Grubbs, Kristi Woodard, Paul Woodard, Karissa Woodard, Debbie Daniels, Kelley Kendall, Bill Kendall, Danny Kendall, Matthew Kendall, Sue Brooks, Max Brooks, Rhonda Crawford, Chelsey Crawford, Dixie Richie, Taylor Beckham, Whitney Hopperton, Kristen Fries, Kerrie Sparling, Jaline Lyons, Mike Bunge, Meddie Kalegi, Paula Noel, Randy McDaniel, Pat Thomas, Vicki Thomas, Darlene Madden, Sandy Ferguson, Ann McKinley, Troy Schumann, Andrea Schumann, Jennifer Neal, Laura Irvin, Nicole Maher, Mo Wanner, Whitney Madden, Rhonda Hanneken, Sara Hanneken, Pattiann, Haley, Christopher McCord, Mia Armelli, Jackie Mueller, and that’s just to name a few.

What a list and it’s not even a complete one! Like I said I think one of the most cathartic things a person can do is to TRY to make a list of the most recent blessings God bestows upon you. Believe it or not, my list is only a partial one (and I am sure I’m going to be doing something and it’s going to dawn on me that I’ve left someone off); there are not enough megabytes in cyberspace to actually list every person that has ever touched my life or the lives of my family.
More later....


Alyson McDonald said...

You and the family are a blessing to us. We all have to stick together.

If you ever get any questions concerning the adult with juvenile diabetes, don't hesitate to send them my way. I am living proof that you can be "normal," have kids, and be "a light" after 30 years. :)

Thank you for taking a step to keep the education and cause going.