Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Diabetes From Nikki's Point of View

Diabetes from Nikki’s Point of View

One time I was scared of going low while I was asleep and my mom talked to me and told me things that made me feel safe.

Sometimes I don’t like it when people watch me check my blood.

Sometimes my friends say I’m lucky because I get to eat in class and I’m not really lucky at all.

I don’t like how my fingers look because of all the finger pokes.

I love my pump but I don’t like all the marks on my stomach from being poked.

Since I get sick a lot I feel bad for my friends when they get sick or hurt.

I have met lots of new people because of my diabetes and that part is good.

I get to go to diabetes camp every summer and I love camp.

My best friends Samantha and Brooke are great and they know how to take care of me when I’m low.

Samantha and Brooke have let me check their blood sugar so they would know what it feels like.

It’s scary to go low, I feel tired and weak. After my blood goes up I still feel tired, but better.

Most of the time I don’t feel like I’m different because of diabetes, but sometimes when I go low and have to stop skating to drink and watch my friends keep on skating, I do feel different.

I can do all the things that other people can do, diabetes can’t stop me.

Sometimes I wonder why I had to get diabetes.

Everyone has things bad that happen to them. Like I got diabetes, Samantha got asthma and Brooke got her arm broken.

My other best friend Emily helps me at school when I go low, I like having her in my class in case that happens.

It’s a hassle having to take care of my diabetes at school.

I like raising money to help find a cure, it makes me feel good because I’m helping out.

Sometime having diabetes having means I get to do really cool things; like this summer I got to meet Kris Freeman from the United States Ski Team, it will be fun watching him in the next Olympics. He has diabetes like me and wears a pump.

I like it when famous people, like Nick Jonas and Kris Freeman, talk about having diabetes. I know that anybody can get diabetes and anybody can still do great things.


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