Thursday, August 28, 2008

Low Low Low High High Low Low High

We honestly try to maintain a very positive outlook on dealing with diabetes. But today I think Nikki and I are officially suffering from burn out. Today is the 12th day of school and we have had blood sugar problems every single day. The problems have been with extreme lows. Today was the worst.

I was just on my way home from picking up Amber and some of her friends from school when my cell phone rang. It was Jill from Nikki’s school and she said “Sheri we need you to come right now; Nikki is unable to walk in from the playground and they’ve taken the wheel chair out to get her”. I turned the car toward the school, thankfully I was only about 2 mintues away at that point. They had actually called 911 but the nurse felt that she didn’t need them after all because Nikki was conscious enough to drink.

We got to school and all 5 of us head into the building. Amber and all the friends with her are former students of Kenton Elementary so they knew where to go and lay low while I dealt with the situation. Nikki’s blood sugar was 70 by that point, which was after a treatment of Capri Sun juice. We decided to give her another juice and then all we could do was to sit with her and wait; she was still too shaky to walk on her own.

Because our lives can never be ordinary, the little twist to this story is that 2 of the teenagers that were with me are the children of Nikki’s subsititute teacher for today (and a very very close friend of mine). This solved my problem of having too many people to put into my tiny Kia to safely get them all home, because 2 of them could stay at school with their mom.

Anyway, we are home now and tonight her sugar has been HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we both feel like screaming!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow we will get up and start over with fresh determination, but tonight I think we will let the “burn out” just sit with us.


Jill said...

Awwww Im so sorry Nikki had a rough day :( We are sending her big hugs and we're praying for "normal" levels soon!

We went for Kacey's open house tonight :) She was excited to see all her friends and I was thrilled to find out that 12 of 17 of the kids in her class are kids that were in her class last year and the other 5 kids are ones she knew this transition this year will be a good one :) Im still a bit nervous tho!

You know if ya need to vent Im only an email away!

~Big Hugs~

Paula Lee said...

Oh I know how awful that is for Nikki & you. No one could ever explain the feeling of helplessness, fear & anger. It seems like no matter how hard you try to "go by the rules" sometimes nothing works. Probably the beginning of school, and all that goes with it, worked on Nikki & took her down. You can usually do something to help the physical symptons, An illness comes on, and they go high. Almost every thing else, low, LOW. And low is usually more dramatic & causes more fear. Even if the highs are more dangerous to her little body. I wish I could help you carry the load honey. All I can do is continue to pray for her & for you all. I love you, Momma