Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mom Is Mad

So, here we are still trying to get Nikki’s blood sugar numbers under control, but life is moving along rather normally other than that. Yesterday was Saturday and several of Nikki’s friends from the neighborhood and school were over hanging out and doing what kids do.

A couple of hours into their playing Nikki asked if she could ride her bike down to Emily’s (one of her best friends) house. I said no because we had just been having so much trouble with her numbers and Emily’s house is quite a little trek (not really, but it is when you are talking about extreme lows for no good reason).

Now I think I have mentioned in previous posts that Nikki is my very compliant child right? Ummm, I may need to rethink that. About an hour and a half after I said NO to her request my phone rings, it’s Nikki and here is what she said “Mom, I’m at Emily’s and I feel low”. My head – and my mouth – exploded.

You know that Bible verse: Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks…. God sure knows what he’s talking about. All the stress and worry in my heart from the last couple of weeks came right out! I yelled into the phone something like “why are you at Emily’s, I’ll be right there young lady and you are in more trouble than you can handle”. Then I couldn’t find my car keys, which Amber helped me locate, I grabbed a fruit roll up and headed down the street. When I arrived I told her to get into the car NOW, asked Emily's mom if we could leave her bike at Emily’s and roared (in my tiny 4 cylinder Kia) back up the street. Fussing all the while.

I was repeating this story to one of my closest friends, Kara (you remember Kara, she’s the sub-teacher that had to take Nikki off the playground in a wheelchair 3 days ago). I didn’t realize how crazy I probably sounded to Nikki until I noticed that Kara was laughing hysterically at me. She was laughing because of the things I was saying to Nikki..........I LOUDLY told Nikki as I was bringing her back home that I wasn’t so furious that she disobeyed me, but the next time she disobeys she better take her meter and a snack!!!!!!

Stop Laughing

Oh well, that’s how we roll :D


Jill said...

LOL...ok I went from having this scared look on my face to actually busting out in a giggle! Kids do the darndest things sometimes! At least next time she decides to "sneak away" she will bring a backpack...hahaha! Awww well Im glad it wasnt much worse than it was :) Hope you all had a nice weekend!