Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Diabetes Journey - Part 6 (which is a little detour)

This bulletin has to do with something that happened about a week ago, so it's part of our journey; just fast forward to the present! This was originally posted on the now deleted M.S. site, but it catches us up to my latest post - this one!

We are scurrying around this week to get Nikki ready for Camp Korelitz (diabetes camp) this coming Sunday (8/3); so we are in diabetes mode already. A friend of mine bought concert tickets back in May to the Jonas Brothers concert on July 28 (last night). I had actually forgotten about it for a while, but anyone who lives in a house with girls (of most any age) knows that it is impossible to forget about getting to go see the Jonas Brothers.

For those of you who don't know Nick Jonas, the youngest (and cutest I'm told) brother has type 1 juvenile diabetes. This makes him even more awesome to Nikki.

We go to the concert, I'm melting (almost literally) from the heat - SIDE NOTE: THE TITLE OF THEIR TOUR IS "THE BURNING UP TOUR" appropriate I must say -- and we are in a see of thousands of people. The first 2 acts have come and gone and we are waiting for these gorgeous boys to take the stage.

Their on, in a shower of fire and lights and noise, it was pretty impressive. So I've taken some pictures of the girls and I decide I'm going to sit back in my little beach chair and just listen for a while. When the oldest Jonas Brother introduces his youngest brother Nick who has a story to tell. This kid goes on to discuss, in detail, his journey through diabetes, which included towering images on 4 different ginormous screens of him testing his blood sugar, fussing with his mother because his sugar was high and he was grumpy,.... I look over at Nikki and here is what I saw....

1. Nikki was not moving at all, she was spellbound in a very literal way...her eyes were glued to this famous, gorgeous talented SUPER STAR who was telling HER story too. He said more than I can remember but she was bursting with pride because she can also relate his statement that "diabetes hasn't stopped me, won't stop me, I'll be just fine".

2. My daughter Amber was listening to Nick Jonas BUT she was looking at her sister, with tears in her eyes. That's a moment that I just can put into words.

3. Our friends were alternately and tearfully, hugging each other, then Amber then patting Nikki on the back. One of the girls wanted to go up to the stage and tell Nick that Nikki was here in the audience (how sweet is that).

God does work in mysterious ways and I'm constantly astounded and humbled by his grace and peace. He pops up in the most unexpected places, I mean whoda' thunk it? God was at the Jonas Brothers concert and I would swear he was standing right by my children the whole time, with his hand - like always - on their shoulders.

It was one of the most powerful "diabetes" moments I've had since Nikki was diagnosed. God is constantly reminding us that we are not in the fight alone, that Nikki is not facing this alone.

Nick Jonas wrote a song about his own diabetes journey and it is now Nikki's favorite song in the world; the title? "I'll Be Fine"

God Is Good Indeed