Monday, August 25, 2008

We Are 7.4

Today Nikki had her diabetes check up at Children’s and it was a pretty good one. Her A1C’s are coming down after registering 8.2 in early summer because of illnesses all winter. Today they were 7.4. That is a great number. Kids 12 and under should be 7.5 or lower, so she is considered “in control”. (Talk about an ironic term).

The nurse educator and I were intensely refiguring numbers based on Nikki’s blood sugar numbers for the last 7 days; anyone who knows me knows that math is not my “thing” so I really have to focus. Amber was at home by herself so when my phone rang with Amber’s personal ring tone I, of course, stopped the calculating and answered it. Now remember that I had already talked to Amber 2 times before this call; this is what she said “Mom, hang up and call me back, I want to make sure I got this hilarious answer tone right on my phone”. HUH? My brain just simply quit working (numbers have that affect on me). I politely said “Amber I can’t right now, remember I am with the doctor and we are working on new basal and bolus rates?” She said “oh, yeah I forgot, okay bye”. She forgot? It had been whole 10 minutes since I had checked in with her. However, once my brain waves starting moving again I found the whole thing kind of ‘centering’. Diabetes tries, on a rather routine basis, to take over our lives and just when I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed, something ‘normal’ happens and I realize it really will be okay; well as okay as it can be with a teenager in the house -- ROTFL.

The school day was a weird one. There was a substitute (one that I did not know) in for Nikki’s teacher so the nurse (our own personal angel, Paula) contacted the sub right away to let him know that Nikki was to be allowed to come down to her at any point that she needed to test. I have no idea what the man was thinking, but about 30 minutes before lunch she requested that she be able to go down and test because she was feeling a little off and he actually told her NO!!!! Needless to say, I was not at all happy when she called me. I hung up from Nikki and called right back so that I could speak with the tireless Mrs. Schuler and all I had to say was “the sub told Nikki she could not come down and test her blood”. She handled it (and very well) from there. So even though I wasn’t happy, it did give me the opportunity to once again see how great people can be and how blessed I am with wonderful friends.

All For Now……..


Jill said...

YAYYYYY! Thats a great level :) Im so interested to see what Kacey's is when we go back!

You're very blessed to have a nurse that is on top of everything! Are there any other trained staff at the school to take care of Nikki when the nurse is out? Thats one of my questions when I meet with Kacey's nurse today.

LOL about Amber....thats such a teenager for ya! Ha! Kayleigh is the same way!

Talk soon :)