Thursday, September 25, 2008

CozMo Here We Come!

I love the CozMo people and our new pump hasn’t even arrived yet! I had a call from our representative today to let me know that our new pump would be here on Tuesday! The cost is great for us and I am so thrilled at the final dollar numbers!!!

Nikki started on the Mini-Med in 2004, a year after her diagnosis and we love it. When the warranty ran out on that last year we decided to switch to the Omni Pod. Most everyone I know that has the Pod loves it, but it didn’t work for us at all. I got out her old, reliable Mini-Med and she “hooked up” again. We were then faced with what we could do since it was past our 40 day (or whatever) grace period with the Insulet (Omni Pod) people. CozMo and our Nurse Practitioners – Nancy and Shannon – over at Cincinnati Children’s have been fantastically, fabulouso (ha ha, I just made up more new words) helping us get set up with a new pump. They have handled everything; it has been such a blessing.

Each year, on the first day of diabetes camp, many many vendors come to allow the parents to see the latest technology in blood glucose meters, pumps, pens, etc. and Nikki gravitated toward the CozMo. Now, I would like to say that she had a very deep insight into why she wanted that particular pump, that she read all the details on it and thought long and hard; but the fact is, she wanted the one in Kentucky Wildcat Blue (her Daddy’s habits showing through) and CozMo had the perfect color. It just so happened that we loved all the little widgets that are offered with the CozMo (like the fact that it is also her meter, so we won’t have to carry around an extra little black case everywhere, she’ll be wearing it!; so we all agreed and now we are almost there.

The next step, after getting the pump in on Tuesday, will be training at Cincinnati Children’s with Shannon or Nancy. Then she will be off and running on her new, Kentucky Wildcat Blue CozMo: Is it me or does that sound like something she shouldn’t be doing at age 10? When I say it - Kentucy Wildcat Blue Cozmo - I think of an exotic photo lay-out or something; or maybe I’m just being random again (it's possible).☺

Monday, September 22, 2008


The girls and I spent last weekend at Cedarmore, which is a youth retreat in Baghdad, Kentucky. We’ve been attending the property, for one reason or another, for over 30 years (yep, that means it started when I was a kid). It’s a great place. This past weekend myself, Kara (you remember my friend and fellow teacher Kara) and Bill Clark (our good friend, pastor and youth minister) took a group of youth middle school and high school kids. Because Bryan had football games all weekend (he is a High School Football Ref) and because she is within months of being in the youth group herself – gasp -, Nikki went along with us.

Most of you know that Nikki had a rather rough start to this new school year, so I’m admittedly a little ‘over-reacty’ (a new word I’ve just invented). Being over-reacty is a syndrom that is verified by ones reactions to the words LOW and HIGH. Here is my example: Part of the retreat is getting to listen to some great, live, Christian rock bands. This retreat featured the Dave Campbell Band. Kara and I were sitting together on the second morning, listening to the wonderful female co-lead-singer sing when Kara announced “Last night she was HIGH, today she is LOW” at which point I completely panicked, grabbed Nikki’s meter and said “where is she?!!!!” Kara burst out lauging (I seem to have this affect on her) and I suddenly realized she was talking about the singer being HIGH during the concert the night before and LOW that morning. I will leave you to absorb that.

Moving on to our next retreat adventure; we were actually in a cabin, a real cabin. In the woods, with, you know animals, snakes, bugs, no air conditioning but we did have a shower and a bathroom (Thank You!!!) We split up into different groups for Bible study times. I was a study leader for some of the 6th graders, which means that Amber was in a different group with some of her friends. Because of this, we tended to get done at different times, so we all hooked up at our cabin afterward before moving on to the next activity (allow me to digress: have I mentioned that Cedarmore is all hills? I mean, you would think that if you go UP hill, you will eventually go DOWN hill right? Not at Cedaremore; I don’t know how they pulled it off but everything is up a steep hill). Okay, back to my story…..

Saturday afternooon I arrived back to the cabin after Amber. When I walked in, she was standing there crying. She had been stung, twice, by bees (and Amber has a severe bug phobia so that just made it worse). I was tending to the sting when the door flew open, and a few, screaming girls burst in screaming SNAKE SNAKE!!! I said “shut the door, don’t let it in”. So they did. A few seconds later the door burst open again , this time it was Nikki (by the way, Kara was with me at this point also). Nikki looked like she was doing one of those silent laughing things where you inhale and can’t exhale. Only, after I really looked at her, I realized she wasn’t actually breathing. I stood up and she finally got out “A SNAKE ATTACKED ME” and collapsed into my arms in a complete and total (and much warranted) meltdown. It took us a good long while to get her calm enough to tell us what happened. Her and some of the other girls were “hanging out” between our cabin and the boys’ cabin. The boys are known for their pranks so when Nikki saw what she thought was a rubber snake, she decided she would show them they couldn’t scare her with something that looked so FAKE and she stepped on it. Only guess what, it didn’t like being stepped on (and probably didn’t appreciate being called fake) and wrapped itself around her leg. She kicked it off, but by then the snake was mad and it came back and somehow wrapped itself around her again. This time she screamed and kicked hard. Her second scream got the attention of some of the high school boys, who quickly came to her rescue. According to Nikki “they held off the snake so I could get away”.

Later that evening Nikki informed me that being attacked by a snake was ALMOST as bad as having diabetes. Amber and Nikki didn’t leave our cabin for the rest of the day; I did finally get them out to go down for dinner. I guess sometimes God has a way of putting things in perspective for you, things can always get worse.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Meet The 3


Saturday, September 6, 2008

JDRF Walk for a Cure 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mushy Thoughts

You know I’m a little afraid to blog this but our life has been relatively calm, atleast on the diabetes front, these last few days. We’ve had some good numbers and here’s hoping it stays that way. We are gearing up for our Walk for a Cure on Saturday morning. My biggest stress right now is that our team shirts haven’t arrived (control freak much?). Ah well, that is really nothing….so I will quit thinking about it.

Nikki’s 3 best friends are walking with us and one of Amber’s closest friends. Isn’t it amazing that we hear so much about the bad things kids do and here we have some very young people giving of themselves simply because they care about someone else. My feeling is that they are the actual majority.

The best news was a surprise text message I had from my step-daughter Briana. She is a busy girl, a senior at Georgetown University and we adore her; Nikki is certainly a big fan of her big sis. The last few years have stretched the amount of time we go in between visits but the bond the girls share, as sisters, is strong. Anyway, Bri called to say that she was coming to walk for Nikki. After I wiped away my own weepy eyes, I called the school to share the news with Nikki and her teacher told me Nik was literally BEAMING. I relayed this message back to Briana and she responded with a message that she had tears in her eyes. So there we were, 3 of us silly girls, in 3 different places moved to tears by a simple act of love. (Mushy Me!)

And more good news worth mentioning, through this blog and our MySpace page we’ve connected with a family in Virginia: mom – Jill and newly diagnosed 8 year old Kacey. Kacey started school with diabetes for the first time this week and it seems as though things may be starting to settle down for them as well. Way to go you guys!!!! There is a link to Jill and Kacey’s blog on the bottom of our page, check it out; it’s called Diabetes Sweeties.

All for now………..