Thursday, September 25, 2008

CozMo Here We Come!

I love the CozMo people and our new pump hasn’t even arrived yet! I had a call from our representative today to let me know that our new pump would be here on Tuesday! The cost is great for us and I am so thrilled at the final dollar numbers!!!

Nikki started on the Mini-Med in 2004, a year after her diagnosis and we love it. When the warranty ran out on that last year we decided to switch to the Omni Pod. Most everyone I know that has the Pod loves it, but it didn’t work for us at all. I got out her old, reliable Mini-Med and she “hooked up” again. We were then faced with what we could do since it was past our 40 day (or whatever) grace period with the Insulet (Omni Pod) people. CozMo and our Nurse Practitioners – Nancy and Shannon – over at Cincinnati Children’s have been fantastically, fabulouso (ha ha, I just made up more new words) helping us get set up with a new pump. They have handled everything; it has been such a blessing.

Each year, on the first day of diabetes camp, many many vendors come to allow the parents to see the latest technology in blood glucose meters, pumps, pens, etc. and Nikki gravitated toward the CozMo. Now, I would like to say that she had a very deep insight into why she wanted that particular pump, that she read all the details on it and thought long and hard; but the fact is, she wanted the one in Kentucky Wildcat Blue (her Daddy’s habits showing through) and CozMo had the perfect color. It just so happened that we loved all the little widgets that are offered with the CozMo (like the fact that it is also her meter, so we won’t have to carry around an extra little black case everywhere, she’ll be wearing it!; so we all agreed and now we are almost there.

The next step, after getting the pump in on Tuesday, will be training at Cincinnati Children’s with Shannon or Nancy. Then she will be off and running on her new, Kentucky Wildcat Blue CozMo: Is it me or does that sound like something she shouldn’t be doing at age 10? When I say it - Kentucy Wildcat Blue Cozmo - I think of an exotic photo lay-out or something; or maybe I’m just being random again (it's possible).☺


Jill said...

Awwww Congrats on the new pump!! Thats a pretty blue :)

We got the bad news today that Kacey's doc will NOT start her on the pump until she is out of her honeymoon *sad* So we're all going thru a bit of depression right now! Hopefully once she gets over this cold shes will kick her out (could we be so lucky?) Shes been running in the 200's and 300's the last 2 days.

Take lots of pics when she gets "hooked up"!!!