Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mushy Thoughts

You know I’m a little afraid to blog this but our life has been relatively calm, atleast on the diabetes front, these last few days. We’ve had some good numbers and here’s hoping it stays that way. We are gearing up for our Walk for a Cure on Saturday morning. My biggest stress right now is that our team shirts haven’t arrived (control freak much?). Ah well, that is really nothing….so I will quit thinking about it.

Nikki’s 3 best friends are walking with us and one of Amber’s closest friends. Isn’t it amazing that we hear so much about the bad things kids do and here we have some very young people giving of themselves simply because they care about someone else. My feeling is that they are the actual majority.

The best news was a surprise text message I had from my step-daughter Briana. She is a busy girl, a senior at Georgetown University and we adore her; Nikki is certainly a big fan of her big sis. The last few years have stretched the amount of time we go in between visits but the bond the girls share, as sisters, is strong. Anyway, Bri called to say that she was coming to walk for Nikki. After I wiped away my own weepy eyes, I called the school to share the news with Nikki and her teacher told me Nik was literally BEAMING. I relayed this message back to Briana and she responded with a message that she had tears in her eyes. So there we were, 3 of us silly girls, in 3 different places moved to tears by a simple act of love. (Mushy Me!)

And more good news worth mentioning, through this blog and our MySpace page we’ve connected with a family in Virginia: mom – Jill and newly diagnosed 8 year old Kacey. Kacey started school with diabetes for the first time this week and it seems as though things may be starting to settle down for them as well. Way to go you guys!!!! There is a link to Jill and Kacey’s blog on the bottom of our page, check it out; it’s called Diabetes Sweeties.

All for now………..


Jill said...

Awww you actually had me tearing up!!! It's amazing the bond that sisters can have :) My girls fight like cats and dogs but you let something happen to one of them and they get very protective and bond together.

School was MUCH better yesterday. Kacey is settling in nicely and the nurse mastered the shot (LOL!) She had REALLY good numbers yesterday (178, 164, 114, 114, 103,192) and she woke up with a 139 this morning! So the change in dose is just what she needed!!

On another mushy note, Im sooooo very thankful that I've had you to chat with about everything. Its been really difficult starting school and the advice and ideas you've offered were wonderful! It's nice to chat with someone that can say "I know how you feel!" and they really do!

Glad Nikki's had good numbers :) YAYYYYYYY! Let's hope they keep this up! :D **thinks positive**

Good luck on your walk tomorrow! Did you finally meet your goal? Our first walk is Oct 25th and Kaceys teachers want to get the class involved!!! How cool is that? :)

Talk soon!