Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Random Thinking

The upgrade to this pump has triggered the “I can do it myself” button in Nikki. While we all have an ‘independent button’, d-kids have an extra one reserved for taking care of their diabetes. So far we are very impressed with the new pump and Nikki is reluctant to hand it over to let me or Bryan do the button pushing – our requests to “let me see for a minute” are usually met with a single sentence: “I can do it myself”. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s not rude when she says it, she simply wants to be in charge of her own health. Something most kids don’t have to even consider at 10 years old, but is normal for kids that struggle with a chronic illness or condition.

Since we began blogging, we’ve met a lot of great people. One family we’ve bonded with in particular is Mom – Jill and Daughter & D-Kid – Kacey. I noticed that Nikki left a comment on Kacey’s myspace page the other day that simply said “I hate diabetes, don’t you?” It kind of took my breath for a minute; I immediately started to over analyze the comment, try to figure out why she said, what caused it, is she sad, etc. etc. All the ‘over protective’ genes jumped into high performance mode. Thankfully, I got sidetracked before I could drill Nikki about it, which had the benefit allowing me time to digest what she said. Why shouldn’t she be mad, or sad, or sick of it? I realized that she was probably having a perfectly great day but just needed to reach out to her friend that would completely understand such a simple, but profound statement. So now, instead of worrying, I am thankful that God has sent Jill and Kacey our way.

Nikki is off spending the night with her best friend, Samantha, whose mother is one of my best friends. Nik checked in from the skating rink a few minutes ago to tell me she was going to eat popcorn and drink a Sprite; her exact follow-up statement was “I don’t need you to tell me how much insulin, just tell me how many carbs are in a McDonald’s sized Sprite? I can do the rest myself”. ENOUGH ALREADY – (I didn’t actually say that) but come on. How much independence can a mommy take on all at once – diabetes or not!!

I took the opportunity, while Nikki is hanging out with her friend, to have some mother/daughter time with Amber. I took her to the mall (where else would you take a teenager). We went in search of a t-shirt representing Amber’s latest obssession – The Twilight Books (which I’m about to start reading). This took us to a store that is pure GOTH; Hot Topic but I find it rather cool. Amber came away with 2 t-shirts; my favorite one is the one with Edward the Vampire on the front and the words “You Are My Life Now” on the back. Now I know I’m probably not setting the perfect mom example in my support of her love for these characters, but I, myself, LOVE vampire stories and from what my own friends tell me, this is an AWESOME book series; so that is my justification and I’m sticking to it; that and the fact that my kids love The Lord and know fact from fiction. Amber has made me promise to have the first book ‘Twilight’ read before the movie comes out next month. She is thrilled that the boy that played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter Goblet of Fire movie (H.P. a.k.a. Daniel Radcliffe is the true love of Amber and Nikki) is the one that plays the main character of Edward in the Twilight movie.

Well, enough random wandering for one blog…….


Jill said...

Awwww we so thankful for you all too!!! ***BIG HUGS*** We've been dealing with the same thing here! Ever since Kacey did her own shot on the 15th, she doesnt want anyone doing it. I think it's one of those things where they finally feel like they dont have to rely on us as much because we've done such good jobs as Mommy's raising them to take care of themselves (thats my!) If I dont think like that then I'll bust into tears! Yesterday I was outside with my husband and Kacey came out and said she was I told her to wait a sec and I'd be in. Well she says "Mom, I can make it myself!" (which I knew she could) So she goes back in and makes herself dinner and comes back out and says "Mom I already figured up my carbs and I need 2 units. I put the needle together and did the test shot and I'm going to dose myself." YIKES! I had a bit of panic and I said "Well I think I should watch you!" and she says "Well Mrs. H (her school nurse) doesnt watch me anymore, she lets me have privacy!" PRIVACY?!?! LOL! So I giggled and told her to go on and do it. It was so funny tho...heres my baby asking for privacy cuz she had to pull her pants down to inject in her thigh....yet I dose her Lantus in her butt cheek every night...haha! So dont feel alone...we're goin thru it too!

I still wanna chat on the phone so let me know when you're not working at school :) Or maybe we can do it once the girls get home from school so they can talk too!

Luv ya's!