Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We Are Pumped, Again!

Today was the day! Nikki is an official Cozmo Girl! Nikki, Bryan and I spent about 2-1/2 hours at Children’s today gettting trained on the pump upgrade and we are thrilled with all the new advances made since we began pumping on the Mini-Med 4 years ago. This new one is amazing and does everything but talk to us; it’s her meter, her food menu, there are alarms that remind her to retest if she has been high or low; it calculates correction boluses – at different rates if we need it to -- and that’s just to name a few things. Nikki also loves the new site insertion gadget; it’s called a Cleo and it’s a wonderful little device.

The people at Children’s were wonderful, like always,and we felt very comfortable with the Cozmo when we left. After training Nikki had to get her flu shot; just one more poke that she takes without complaining. The nurse administering the shot was a hoot and Nikki actually laughed through most of the ordeal.

Cozmo has already beeped at us and told Nikki that since she was high 2 hours ago she needed to retest her blood sugar; it has a much better brain than mine J. All the new technology is amazing; and the continual new and astounding upgrades make us hope that a cure is closer than ever.

Tomorrow will be her first full day on Cozmo and she will be taking it to school. Paula, if you are reading this GET READY! I’m looking forward to hearing your take on this new technology.

Nikki is dying to have Samantha, Brooke and Emily (her best friends) check out the new pump; they are always so excited when she has anything new to share – they are true best friends. Samantha and Brooke have even asked Nikki to poke their fingers for a blood sugar check just so they would know what it feels like! You can’t top friends like that.

All for now……..


Briana said...

Aw this is awesome! I'm so excited that everything is working out great with the new pump! I can't wait to see it! Love you guys!!

Paula Lee said...

So glad you are "newly PUMPED". I'm glad that there have been advancements made, and pray for a cure...as always. Tell Nikki that i also got poked today. I had my flu shot, my pneumonia shot. They were out of the shingles shot...something new. Sounds like this new pump is quite a great thing. Do you still have to numb up, etc. to insert it? Nikki, you sent Susan (Scarlet) mail, and a site. She either lost it, or couldn't get to it. Can you try again? Sheri I didn't realize you would be starting on your Master that soon. You go GIRL, Momma is proud! I wrote you from my email place. So know you have mail...OH GOOD NEWS!!! on Aunt Linda. She is off the oxygen!!!! As of today. We are going to celebrate, Granny, Aunt Linda & myself by going to see the Mexican dog...movie. Either Thurs or Friday. I like the photos on here also. YOu sent something to Wendy with Momma & Aunt Linda, you didn't send them to me or Aunt Linda. So I'll be watching & so will Aunt Linda. Take care & try to fit a little bit of down time into that busy schedule or yours. Bunches BAby

Jill said...

Wowwww! Im so excited for you all :) It sounds REALLY neat! Do you think we should look into this pump too before making the final decision on the MiniMed? It sounds like a second brain :) LOL! Lemme know what ya think!! Nikki looks so proud of herself :D Way to go!!

Nurse Paula said...

Can't wait to see the new gadget! After a few get acquainted days our frequent calls home should become a thing of the past:)