Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween and more

It’s taken a while, but I think I will live LOL. I started Nikki and Amber on antibiotics because Nikki was showing some severe HIGHS which usually happens about 5 days to a week before she actually gets sick.

Halloween was fun. Nikki went as a princess – Cinderella and Amber was a vampire (she’s currently hooked on the book series Twilight) and they had a blast. Nikki’s blood sugar maintained itself, which always makes things more fun for her.

I had the opportunity to teach Nikki’s class on Friday, yep she called me Mrs. Turner the whole time (while giggling). She’s been waiting a very long time, so she says, for me to be her teacher. She says I’ve taught every other class in the whole building except for hers, so she was pumped. Hurt my feelings a lot I tell you :D (not).

For anyone getting a pump for the first time, be prepared for unexplained HIGHS (as if any of the HIGHS or LOWS are really self-explanatory). We’ve had to play around with basal rates and food bolus ratios, but I think we are finding our stride.

For those of you who may not know, November is Diabetes Awareness Month! Let's educate as many people as possible, starting with INSULIN IS NOT A CURE!!! That one drives me crazy (that people think diabetes isn't a big deal as long as the diabetic takes insulin).

I've also decided to put in quotes from a fabulous book from time to time. It's called Schuylar's Monster and even though it does not directly deal with diabetes; all parents, who have a child who has a chronic condition or illness, can relate to the message of the journey. So here is the first quote:

"Any parent knows how difficult it can be to resist the urge to suck up your child's pain and make it your own (pg. 164)".

Here’s hoping for a quiet 2 weeks before Thanksgiving…….