Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Sweetness of My Girls

I wrote this yesterday (Saturday 11/1) but we've been having computer router problems, so I am just now getting it posted......

I’ll start off this blog by saying I’m sick. That’s not the sort of thing I readily admit, for a variety of reasons, but I must explain that for this writing to make sense. I’ve been sick for about 3 weeks, and 2 days ago it really started to do me in. By this morning I thought my head would explode. So I’ve been in bed, literally, all day.

My girls have had people in and out all day, but they have been so wonderful about just letting me lay here with my headache. They pop in from time to time and watch a show here in my room, or ask a question and they’re off again. This evening they are both home with one friend each; Bryan is gone to ref a high school football game.

I did start on antibiotics this afternoon; so I’m expecting a full recovery by …. Tomorrow? Being sick just isn’t in my schedule :>) Anyway, I was just about to fall asleep when I heard a weird sound, a weird ‘mommy’ sound, it was enough to make me sit up and listen harder. Then the sound got louder, it was Nikki crying. One of those ‘there is something wrong, for real’ cries. I got up and went into the kitchen, Nikki was crying very hard and Amber was standing there beside here with arms around her (their friends were still downstairs).

This is what happened: Nikki’s dog had gotten her leg tangled in Nikki’s ‘wires’ (pump) and had accidentally pulled out the pump site. That didn’t feel too good, but Nikki didn’t want to bother me with it; so she decided she could handle the situation by herself – let me also say that the dog pulling out her wires has never happened before – it was fluke. She came upstairs, got out a clean site and tried to insert it (it’s like an I.V.) herself in her stomach, without using any numbing cream. At the last minute she ‘flinched’ when inserting it and the cannula (i.v. tubing) didn’t go in all the way and it was hurting her. She still didn’t want to bother me.

Her next step was to try the ‘skin cement’ (something we use when the sticky tape isn’t adhering to her skin like it should – it helps hold the i.v. in place) to see if that would make the site stay in anyway. NOT A GOOD IDEA; it caused stinging, intense stinging. At this point she began crying, not loud enough for me to hear where I am, but Amber heard her and came to find out what was wrong. Amber looked at the site and when she touched it – Nikki had a meltdown. Now for an adult, it probably doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but when you’re 10--well, it just is.

I came in, took the site, which was hanging halfway out, the rest of the way out; iced it and we started over. It took only a few minutes of mommy hugs and kisses for Nikki to calm down and things went back to normal almost immediately (Amber stayed beside her until she had calmed completely down – I made them both promise that they would get me even if I am sick :D). The focus of my story is the sweetness of my girls. Nikki’s concern for me and not wanting to make me get up, Amber’s concern for her sister….I am just so proud of the young ladies they are. My cup runneth over.


Jill said...

Talk about making a fellow Mommy cry... geesh... *wipes tears*

First...Im sorry youre so sick! Seems like once Mommies get a cold they sorta keep it until they finally crash and have no other choice but to let their bodies rest and heal. Im going thru the same thing. Ive had this cough for about 6 wks the cold from the girls...and just cant shake it..but keep plugging along!

Second...amazing how when they know youre really sick they will "bond" and not bother you! My girls do the same thing! Nikki was VERY brave for attempting to put in a new site!! Poor Amber...she musta felt helpless...knowing her sister was in pain but so was what do you do? Nice she comforted her tho! Youve got 2 great kids! Job well done, Mom!

Now...get back in bed and REST! lol :) Hope youre feelin better soon!

Luv ya!

Melissa said...

Hey Girl! Brooke was so upset about this, she told me the whole story! Nikki and Amber are growing up so much - I know you are a proud mom! Sorry to see she is still having highs today. Do you think she is catching something? Tell her we love her and I hope it all evens out soon! Love you too and hope your starting to feel better!

Melis :)

Tracy said...

Hey.. my name is Tracy. I am hoping that you are much better by now. I read your post and it sounds like you have two wonderful girls. They sound just precious. I have three monkies of my own. My oldest is Eli. He's 13 years old and was diagnosed Type 1 diabetic on March 25, 2006. His blood sugar was 795! Scared me soo bad. We are in the middle of trying to get started on the pump. We're waiting on it to be shipped to us. He's getting the One Touch Ping. I can't wait. We are excited about it but to be honest I am a little anxious too. His school is not taking it as seriously as it is and I am trying to fix that before he gets started on the pump. Scary! I am so glad I found you guys. Thanks!

The Turner's said...

Tracy, welcome! It's always so exciting (in a weird way) to have new friends. There is a lot of information on No Sugar. I'll post something after a while about your rights and the schools responsibilities - but stay on top (I know you will) it just gets me going to when I hear of a school system not doing all they should!

Congrats on the pump, it makes life so much easier, post a comment and tell us about your story and Eli's; we have quite a few stories posted, check under Journey. Looking forward to hearing more from you!