Saturday, December 13, 2008


I’m writing this in the middle of the night, which is normal for me. We’ve had a busy few weeks, which is normal for US. Nikki was sick a couple of days this week – ‘real people sick’ – which is always complicated by diabetes. She had ketones for 2 days and felt generally yucky. She went back to school on Thursday, just in time for her chorus concert Thursday night. The chorus sounded really great and Nikki loves singing. Next week Amber’s chorus is singing at the mall and then is doing their Christmas concert at our church (they’ve outgrown the facility at school) on Thursday night.

Tonight (Friday) Amber went to her friend’s house for the night and Bryan is in Louisville with his referee crew for the Kentucky State High School Football Championships. Tomorrow night our high school, Simon Kenton (where Amber will go next year), is playing in the ‘big game’ for the first time in the school’s history. We have a lot of kids from youth group involved with the team and 2 of Bryan’s closest friends are the team’s doctor and physical therapist. The whole town is pretty pumped about the game – even if they don’t win, they’ve never made it this far before. With the weather being so cold, and this being a tough time of year for Nikki healthwise, we are going to watch the game from the warmth of our home.

Since Amber and Bryan are both gone, Nikki and I went to a movie. We saw Bolt, which turned out to be one of the cutest movies I’ve seen in a long while. We ate McDonald’s for dinner; then came home to wrap presents and watch Christmas movies. It was a really nice mother/daughter evening. As I write this, Nikki is sleeping beside me – talking. She is sound asleep, but she talks A LOT in her sleep – it never fails to crack me up.

One bit of pump related news..... We now know that on the Cozmo you HAVE to change the pump site every 2 days, no matter what. If not, you routinely get a blockage on the 3rd day - which usually means ketones are present by the time the pump notifies you that there is a blockage. We like the pump and I suspect that the longer she is on it, the more familiar we will be with the little quirks - just like the mini med before.

All for now......