Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CT Scan Today

Nikki had her CT scan this morning. She was nervous when we arrived. You can tell when Nikki is nervous because she gets VERY quiet, which is saying a lot because Nikki is a quiet young lady pretty much all the time. Other than the fact she was uncomfortable, she said the CT was a piece of cake. We won’t have any results until next Tuesday. Nikki’s one question this morning was “what are adnoids and if everyone always has to have them taken out, why do we have them to begin with?” ROTFL.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am so tired of the whole election thing that I can’t stand it. I’d like to turn on the news and see something besides that – there are other issues affecting our country. Without saying who I voted for or why, I want to tell you another Nikki story. Yesterday her class was watching the inauguration coverage, which most of the kids were not happy about; I believe for 2 reasons. Reason 1 would be that the majority of her particular class has parents who voted for the other guy and Reason 2 they are 10 and 11 years old -- and no matter how important yesterday was they would rather have been watching Drake and Josh. Apparently one of the young men in her class was not at all happy with O and when he came on the screen he whispered “I wish he would just die!” Nikki was appalled. She looked at this young man, who is a friend of hers, and said “He is a DADDY! You can’t wish for his daughters to not have a DADDY!” which silenced any more remarks of that kind. I’ve talked with my girls a lot about politics and the election lately, and wishing O dead is a subject that we have touched on here at home. However, you never know if your kids are actually listening to all the wonderful things we parents have to say. I’m very proud of her for making a stand and seeing things far beyond politics – maybe we should let the kids of our nation decide government policy huh?


pevines said...

it sounds like nikki could teach a lot of grown ups a thing or two about the important things in life, as well as common decency. the humanity of her reply was striking. she certainly left no room for an argument. good job nikki!

The Turner's said...

Thanks! I was sure proud to hear that she made a stand - and an important one.