Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ENT Appointment Today - 1/13

I'm just back from the doc - we were there 3 hours and most of it waiting!!! Anyway, Here is the scoop - we still don't know anything :D seriously.

Nikki has been on an antibiotic of some kind for a month now and with all that she still looked really bad around her sinus cavity. They numbed Nikki's nose, nasal cavity pretty far in (and her front teeth which were a casualty not the main target) then the doc ran a tube up her nose to look at the adenoids and as much as she could see as far back. Nikki's passages are swollen and infected but not as bad as if she had not been on antibiotics.

The doc wants to get a more specific look at her sinus passages, the back back I guess (medical term there) and so we have a CAT scan scheduled for next Wednesday morning at 9:15. Then the following week on Tuesday we will go back to the doctor.

In the meantime Nikki is on a steroid nose spray 2 times a day for a week, then 1 time a day for a week until we the doc again. She said the swelling has to go down so she can get a better look at things. So, we wait. Nikki will return to school tomorrow and we'll just go a day at a time - the doc thinks the nose spray will help her a lot with the general pressure.

I'll keep everyone posted as soon as I know anything, which appears won't be for 2 more weeks -

Thanks for all the prayers - Nikki was in a goofy mood today - not nervous or worried at all - just a little annoyed that her 2 front teeth are numb :D God is good and so are all of you.


Jill said...

We're thinking about you all! Give Nikki hugs for us :) Love ya's!