Monday, January 12, 2009

ENT Update

I decided this morning not to wait until tomorrow (which would be Tuesday) to let the doctor know that Nikki’s sinus infection is not getting better. They were on top of things really well and called me back this afternoon to tell me they wanted me to take Nikki to the ENT tomorrow afternoon at 2:45.

I’m hoping that this may be the beginning of figuring out why she’s so sick in the winter months; and that it’s going to help us fix the problem so that we get better A1c’s. I'm also hoping this is the first step in helping her feel better on a daily basis.

I’ll keep you posted ……


Jill said...

Good luck and give her hugs from us!

The Turner's said...

Jill thanks so very much! Love you guys - how has Kacey's week been?