Monday, January 5, 2009

A Good Start for January

Today was the first day back from Christmas break and……not a single phone call from school!!!! Yeee Haw! That always means a great day. Nikki came home feeling good, nothing bothering her and pumped up because I’m teaching her best friends class on Thursday – in other words, regular kid good mood – I love those!

She was 201 this morning, which is not great – but I didn’t have heart failure over that number. At lunch she was 175 (her Cozmo keeps track of blood sugar numbers so I can check when she gets home from school) then at dinner she was 185. Still on the high side, but I just love those 100’s.

We’ve had some restful nights and yes I’m probably jinxing myself by saying that out loud. Amber had a good day today too – it’s always nice when both girls come home from school in a good mood.

Tomorrow dance classes resume and Nikki is always excited about that. So I’m hoping that today is an indication of the rest of this week – prayers for that would be greatly appreciated. One thing I just have to mention is that Nikki wore all new clothes from Christmas today, but the thing she was most excited about was the bracelet she received from her long distance friend Kacey – from Diabetes Sweeties. Kacey’s mom (the amazing Jill) made the bracelets (2 for Nikki, 2 for me, earrings and cell phone charm for Amber) – The one she wore today is pink and says DIABETIC and she wears it with pride! So thanks again Jill and Kacey.

Here’s wishing all T1 families a happy and HEALTHY winter full of amazing numbers!


Jill said...

YAYYYY! I'm so glad she likes them ;) Kacey helped me bead hers. I'll make her some more. They are really easy!

Talk soon!

Love ya's!