Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow Day

So we are in our 4th snow day and the girls are beginning to go a little stir crazy. Nikki actually just had an argument with her dog if that tells you anything. Amber is now officially melded with her cell phone and texts even when she doesn’t know she’s texting. I’d say we are ready to get back to routine.

The good thing about all these snow days, aside from the fact that we get extra days off, is that Nikki has had plenty of time recover from the UTI without having to miss more school days. She is feeling much better and is ready to get out of the house – which I am officially not allowing until I’m 1000% sure she is better.

The snow also caused us to have to reschedule her ENT follow up appointment until next Wednesday; so we won’t know the results of the cat scan until then. Other than that, there isn’t much new and exciting to report – which I find very comforting.