Monday, January 26, 2009

Update on Latest Doctor Visit

It seems that Nikki has a UT infection at this point – however, the doc did send samples off to be sure. She is on another new round of antibiotics and something to help with pain. She is just getting so worn out from the continuous illness – it’s really taking a toll on her body and spirit. As long as we don’t get so much snow that we can’t get there, Nikki’s ENT appointment is tomorrow afternoon and I’m hoping that will give us some answers for all the sinus problems.

Prayers are more than appreciated and coveted!


Jill said...

I had issues with UTI's when I was little so I know how painful they are :( Poor thing! After 24hrs on that antibiotic, hopefully she will start feeling better.

Kacey was so excited about seeing the bracelet in the pic :) I haven't had the time to bead lately and I'm getting the itch to do it again so watch out cuz I go on "Bead Binge's" hahaha!

Give her our love :)