Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nikki and Emilee

This was an especially nice day, for several reasons. First, let’s hear it for GREAT BLOOD SUGARS – 95 through 140 all day! WHOOOOO HOOOO!!! Second, Nikki was able to swallow some real food today. She still has a terrible sore throat and gets tired easy, but man is it great to see her smile again! Third, my step-daughter Stacy came for a visit today along with my son-in-law Tom and my amazingly beautiful granddaughter Emilee! My mother-in-law Joyce also came by for a while. This is the first family that we’ve seen since before Nikki’s surgery and it made all of us very happy.

Of course, since I’m me and ME has been in a very sappy mood lately I have to add that it was just plain moving for me to watch Nikki and Emilee today as Nikki checked her blood sugar. At 10 months old Emilee has no idea what any of that is, but just watching Nikki share that part of herself with her niece – who she completely adores – was very touching. AND THEN because we are US we gave Emilee her own test strip bottle to play with and keep! It was her favorite toy the whole time she was here. Only in a T1 family!!!

God is Good :-D