Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nikki Mouse Update

I’m writing this entry as Nikki is taking a test upstairs with one of her teachers from Kenton. Nikki was so excited that Ms. King was coming over she was literally standing in the door waiting for her when she arrived; which is also a good indication of how ready she is to get back to normal. Today has been the best day we’ve had in a couple of weeks. Her throat is still mega killing her, but all in all she feels much better. She’s even surviving on plain Tylenol now, as opposed to pain killers.

Nikki is missing her friends terribly and we’ve really appreciated all the visitors who have stopped by and the windfall of get well cards (Nikki is saving every single one of them). She got one in the mail today from a family friend (who was also her science teacher in 3rd grade – Mrs. Carmony she is still your biggest fan) and her favorite part of it was there was a little mouse on the front. The day before yesterday one of her friends came by and brought a Get Well card signed by her whole class and she must have read the note from her growing list of favorite teachers (that’s you Mrs. Laughlin) about a hundred times that night. She’ll be totally pumped when she gets the okay to go back to school.

Anyway, this is getting a little mushy but we just feel so blessed to have so many precious friends in our lives; our lives would not be as wonderful without you all – you have become our family and for that we thank you!


Jill said...

Im SOOOOOO glad shes feeling better!!

I've got some great news for you to share with her.....WE GOT APPROVAL FOR THE PUMP!!!

Kacey's Cozmo should be here the end of next week :) Just in time for her birthday!!

Give Nik our love :)

Paula Lee said...

Hey Miss Mouse & Miss Mouses mother. Sounds like every thing is pretty much back to normal, only with a sore throat. I need to know about that Lex walk. As in how long is it? Let me know when you get time. Nikki enjoy yourself. Sounds like a little Queen receiving her people. You have so many friends. I love you Nini