Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nikki Update

Children’s finally got back to me today. Nancy (diabetes nurse) and I made some adjustments to Nikki’s basal rates, meal factor and correction factor; to accommodate her being sick and to prepare for surgery on Tuesday.

As of this evening, Nikki is not feeling good but no fever; she still has a pretty bad tummy ache and is not eating; however, she IS drinking for me. No school again tomorrow. Saturday is supposed to be her birthday party and I’m continuing to hope that the weekend will go as planned. She is having a small party this year, only her 3 best friends, because of the size and cost of the gift she wants – an iMod, nope not an iPod but an iMod, it’s basically a mo-ped made by iPod. Our plans are to take her, Amber and her 3 friends to the pottery place to paint and then come home for a sleepover and a ‘drive through the neighborhood’. I’m hoping she feels well enough to handle at least the pottery painting part of the day.

Anyway, the anesthesiologist will coordinate with the Endo at Children’s on Tuesday morning and will also monitor her blood sugar throughout the surgery. She will remain at Children’s until around 7 p.m. that evening unless they decide she needs to stay. The problem would be if Nikki isn’t drinking well enough, they want to make sure we (mom and dad) have a way to get a low blood sugar up if needed and if she isn’t swallowing/drinking well enough they will have her stay and keep her on the i.v. throughout the night – Nancy said that both scenarios are normal and about 30% of young patients with diabetes wind up staying over. I’m hoping Nikki isn’t one of the 30% but I would obviously rather her be safe than rushing her home; however, I’m trying not to worry that far in advance.

They want her blood sugar to be between 90 & 199 on the morning of surgery. The rule of thumb these days is not to perform the operation if blood sugars are high or low because high/low sugars can cause complications during the procedure. So now we are focused on trying to get her better and get her through the next couple of weeks in hopes that she will come out the other end much healthier.


Crystal said...

You know we are praying for all of you. Surgery is hard enough, add T1 and it is terrifying. She is such a trooper.

The Turner's said...

Crystal, you are an amazing woman and I can't thank you enough for taking care of our Wed nights!