Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nikki's Tonsils and Adenoids Out on 2/17

We actually made it to the ENT today. The CT scan looked okay, nothing weird. However, Nikki is now scheduled to have her tonsils and addenoids taken out on February 17 at Cinti Children’s Hospital. I’m waiting on the Endo to call me and let me know if we need to do anything separate in preparation for the surgery and to find out if Nikki will have to stay overnight to have blood sugars monitored or if I will be able to bring her right home.

Nikki is upset about having this done. More pokes, more hurt. She cried a little, quietly like she always does. Once we got home her big sister Amber was waiting and took her downstairs to show Nikki pictures of Amber when she was in the hospital having her tonsils taken out. So Nikki feels much better now and I’m one proud mommy of two great girls.

NOW, for the exciting part because we (our family) has to have atleast one strange and entertaining event during everything we do. The doctor is explaining to Nikki and me the things that could go wrong -- and in great detail. I must add a side note that Nikki has been sick for about 2 months and I guess I was more stressed about it all than I thought. I say that because about halfway through the doctor’s lecture on possible problems I PASSED OUT COLD!!! Nope, I’m not kidding. There I was on the floor and Nikki is looking down at me from the exam chair (laughing I might add). I'm thinking Nikki was laughing because for once she wasn't the one who fell out of a chair. I was so embarrassed and now I am simply amused.

Nikki will be out of school for about 2 weeks, which is a little longer than most but the doc said she wanted to be a little cautious because she didn’t want any unncessary set backs. She also (and many of my friends will love this) told me that I could probably get her teacher to come by the house to help her keep up with school work – KIM??? Ha. Ha. Actually, Nikki responded to the doctor “mom's a teacher” and I’m not sure she is all that impressed about that fact.

Anyway, we will trudge through and hopefully next winter will be a much healthier one.


Anonymous said...

Tell I said she will be fne,bur do I need to come take care ofm Mom??

The Turner's said...

Hah! I just might take you up on that! Can you believe I did that!!!

Jill said...

OMGGGGG Sheri!! LOL...ok I giggled out loud so tell Nikki she wasn't the only one laughing! Poor you (hahaha!)

Tell Nikki we are thinking about her and give her big hugs from us. Kayleigh had her adenoids out when she was only 2 and she did great. I know the tonsils are more painful but tell her to look on the bright's not everyday a diabetic gets to have yummy ice cream for meals! LOL! We'll send her a "care package" from us :)

Let's get the girls on the phone soon! Maybe this weekend? They can chit-chat for a bit.

Tomorrow is our big day...Pump Class :) I'll keep ya posted!

Love ya girlie! Love & Hugs to Nikki too!

Aunt Linda said...

Sheri, you know Nikki & I are the only ones "allowed" to fall on the floor. You just wanted to be like us!

The Turner's said...

Jill, Def let us know about pump class - have you picked a pump yet?I'll go look on your blog.

Aunt Linda, ha ha ha I really think me being the one on the ground is what tickled Nikki - maybe I inherited some of those 'fall down a lot' genes from you the same as Nikki did :-D

Taylor said...

WOw. What a trooper family.
I pray for Nikki and all of you, because you are such sweet people. Sheri,
You are such a god sent angel to me and everyone.. and are compassionate about everything you do...
Nikki, I hope and pray you get better, and I will always send a guardian angel

God Bless you all,
Such Wonderful People,

The Turner's said...

Taylor you are a sweetie and we'll take all the guardian angels we can get! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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