Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nikk's Baby Blues are 20/20

So, we are back from the eye doctor today. Nikki and I both had our eyes dilated. It is very important that all T1's begin getting their eyes dilated no later than age 10 and yearly after that. Nikki was thrilled that she finally went to a doctor appointment where wasn't poked; "just poofed" as she put it. She was referring to the eye test for glaucoma.

T1's have to be very careful about many things and their eyes are a priority. Typically, it's about 20 years into the battle before a diabetic will begin showing signs of organ damage; hopefully much, much longer than that (never would be good). By observing the blood vessels in the eyes (through those nifty eye doctor machines) a doc can tell if the vessels are beginning to pop and bleed. Once that begins to happen in the eyes, it is most likely happening in other areas like the hands and feet. Staying on top of daily blood sugars and keeping level and consistent A1c's is so very important in the battle to keep organ damage at bay. Anyway, Nikki has perfect 20/20 vision and no diabetes damage. Her doctor said "If I didn't know she had diabetes, I wouldn't know she had diabetes". We LOVE LOVE LOVE great doctor reports!

Nikki's favorite part of today was getting these "really cool" sunglasses from the eye doctor (having your pupils dilated can be a BRIGHT experience). My thoughts on this are that "really cool" is definitely a personal opinion; thus, I wore my own sunglasses. Once we got home Nikki announced that the 'really cool' glasses made her eyes sweaty - I would explain but this was spoken in a language I am now beginning to identify as "Nikkiease" so I didn't even ask what she meant. She opted for taking those off and putting on another pair of my sunglasses; "you know mom, the ones that make everything orange" (Nikkiease).

Now we are waiting for the next doctor, which is a follow-up ENT appointment that we were supposed to have last week, but couldn't because we now live in North Pole Kentucky; there was too much snow and ice on the roads. However, we are now expecting another 2 - 4 inches tonight and another inch overnight (like I said North Pole Kentucky) - so who knows if we'll get there. I'm anxious to get the results from the CT scan and figure out what is causing all these sinus infections; we'll just have to hope the roads aren't too bad.

Here's hoping ........