Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Update

Time for a Nikki Mouse update. I’d say that (other than the fact that I’m her mommy and I hate for her to be hurting) she is healing like normal. We actually had a blood sugar reading of 105 yesterday and the highest number we’ve had since then has been around 250. Though that is high, it’s to be expected because it’s so hard to regulate carbs vs. what she actually winds up eating.

We have THE BEST friends on earth. I’d like to say a special thank you to the Niemis’, Grubbs’ and Murdocks’ for the wonderful and amazingly awesome dinners that they brought to us. It helped so much! You guys rock! My only problem is that Bryan might be expecting to eat that well all the time – hee hee.

Yesterday and today have been the most painful for Nikki, but we knew that would be the case. She’s sleeping really well and I’m hoping that when we go back this week for a recheck on the UTI that Troy will tell us that is gone as well. Thank you to all our friends and family who have sent up prayers for us – Nikki – God is great and has truly blessed us with an amazing support system.


Paula Lee said...

Love to Nikki from Nini

Melis said...

I'm sad to hear Nikki is still hurting, but I'm so glad to see the picture of her smiling! I love that smile! Tell Nikki Brooke and I love her and we are praying each day gets a little better!