Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Turner's Secret Identities

Yep - that's my secret identity. The Slicing Monarch - able to cut out type 1 in a single slice! Don't I wish. Okay, I got this idea from Jill over at Diabetes Sweeties, who got the idea from Kerri over at Six Until Me.

What I've decided is that this whole process, while silly and fun, was also a little therapeutic! I mean don't all us T1 moms want to put on our secret super hero identity and make diabetes get the heck off our planet? Go check out The Hero Factory and see what superhero you decide to be - it's a blast! Don't be surprised if I begin referring to myself as The Slicing Monarch from time to time; if you know me that probably doesn't surprise you at all.


Geeta said...

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