Sunday, February 15, 2009

What A Sweet Day!

What a wonderful day. Nikki woke up with a blood sugar number of 97 (whooo hooo) and actually felt like eating a little something. We celebrated her 11th birthday today (her actual birthday is Monday the 16th). Since she was getting a rather expensive gift this year we were having a low key celebration with only a few of her closest friends.

We took the girls to paint some pottery pieces and then came back here for cake, dinner (in that order) and a sleepover. Nikki’s numbers held between 80 and 174 all day – thank you My Lord! I’m sure part of her feeling better was the emotional boost she got from being with her closest friends in the world. These girls are little miracles and have been through a lot with Nikki, in different ways, over the years. Her lifelong best friends, who are really more like her sisters are Brooke and Samantha. They have been friends and inseperable since they were toddlers. Emily is another of her best friends and is a more recent addition to Nikki’s inner circle. She moved to our neighborhood about 3 years ago, met Nikki who immediately introduced her to Sam and Brooke and they became The Four Girls. Another best friend – Mikayla - brings her own special bond to her relationship with Nikki. Brooke introduced them about 3 years ago, just after Mikayla was diagnosed with T1. Nikki and Mikayla call each other when they have ‘T1 burnout’ moments, they go to diabetes camp together and they also enjoy being regular girls together.

I guess I felt the need to write about these little ladies because they are such an important support system for Nikki. One that doesn’t have much to do with me, her dad or her big sister – these 5 girls ‘belong’ to Nikki. They all know more about type 1 diabetes than most grown ups, which goes without saying for Nikki and Mikayla; but Brooke, Sam and Emily can talk up a storm about T1 and all 3 of them know what to do if Nik or Mikayla go low, need their meters or any number of other things that go along with diabetes. They are Nikki’s strength when she needs understanding that only a best friend can give. Nikki once described their friendships like this “It’s like you know Mom, me and Mikayla have diabetes, Emily doesn’t have a dad, Sam has asthma, Brooke broke her arm and doesn’t get to see her dad much; we all have problems and we’re okay”. Out of the mouths of babes, I couldn’t define their friendship any better than that.

Most of us are lucky if we have 1 or 2 people we consider best friends throughout our entire lifetime -- God blessed my child with 4.

As birthdays go, this one will always be a favorite.