Monday, March 30, 2009

Blue Tongued Skink

My girls are animal lovers to be sure – but today Nikki confirmed just how much love they have for all creatures. Let me first say that Amber wasn’t in on this because she is sick and was asleep downstairs. Max, who is like my adopted nephew, brought over his new and fantastic pet to show us; she is a Blue Tongued Skink. She is a very interesting little (sort of little) creature that has a bright blue tongue. I wasn’t sure how Nikki would react to her; would there be screaming like when she sees a moth or a snake; or delight like when she sees a hamster, dog, cat, horse, pig, bird, etc. It was like when she sees the latter. She loved the little lady and Max was very proud to be showing her off. Really I have no purpose for blogging this except that my kids never cease to do the opposite of what I think they will do and that is worth mentioning -- in my humble opinion.

Nikki goes to get her wrist x-rayed tomorrow morning and we are hoping to be brace free and NOT need a cast. I’m sending Amber along with Nikki so I can sneak in a second examination on her – I’m thinking bronchitis which is a bummer because it’s Spring Break for them this week.

Blood sugars in the 100’s lately – whooo hooo!


Paula Lee said...

Someone needs to love "her?". Glad they do. I would be one of the screaming & running (well wobbling) to get away. LOL