Friday, March 27, 2009

Diabetes Language

Living with diabetes means, among many other things, using words that can seem unusual to some people. For instance, the word Emla is the name of the cream we put on Nikki to numb her pump site before inserting the new one. Some of the words are not that unusual, however they do tend to take on a new meaning when you are living with a chronic disease.


Amber said...

My favorite is having my husband ask me loudly in the middle of a crowded restaurant "ARE YOU HIGH?! HOW HIGH ARE YOU?! DO YOU NEED TO SHOOT UP!"

And I seriously didn't think a thing of it until the waiter came over to let me know that they discouraged recreational drug use on restaurant property.

Ah, diabetes. It doesn't just rob you of decadent desserts, but it requires translation, too. ;)

Jill said...

O.M.G.!! No wonder my brain hurts on a daily basis and I'm feeling stressed lately...haha! Geesh when you put all those words up there like that, it shows just how much we have to go thru!