Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting Mad or Being Seuss

We've had quite the night; however, instead of allowing my head to explode and shatter into a thousand pieces I decided to pretend to be Dr. Seuss - I'm thinking most of you will figure out what happend.

New Purple Meter

One Meter, two meter, three meter, four
Where are the test strips? There are no more!
I have a meter in pink, I have one in blue
Wait! in blue I have way more than two
Of course there’s the black one, the white one and green
But alone they’re no good; you should’ve heard my mom scream!
She ran here and there all over the house
She scared all the dogs and my little pet mouse
She jumped on the phone; then she jumped in the truck
I was riding beside her, quite sure I was stuck
My mom dropped me off, sped away and sped back
A new purple meter! If I smile, she’ll attack!
S Turner