Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm the Anti-Sleeping Beauty

I’ve come to the conclusion that sleep is something I did when I was younger; I seem to have given it up all together. I thought, last month, that my increasingly bad sleep habits were because Nikki had been sick for so long and we couldn’t seem to get her healthy at all this winter; then I thought it was that issue combined with worrying about her surgery; Then I decided it was both of those combined with the frustration and helplessness of watching her have to be in pain during those recovery weeks. Now she is healthy, blood sugars doing great and I’M STILL NOT SLEEPING, sorry for shouting. So my next diagnosis is to blame it on heredity – I must get it from my mother and grandmother. That being the case, I’ll have to stick with ‘sleep is something I did when I was younger’ and embrace the rather ginourmous bags under my eyes. I'm thinking this makes me the anti-Sleeping Beauty {never falls asleep and the beauty thing is OUT} :-D.

We are starting to get ready for walk season – that is Step Out and Walk for a Cure; looking forward to both of them! I received some sample No Sugar shirts yesterday and they look great! Nikki wants to use the new No Sugar blog logo on the t-shirt which means that we’ll have to have a his and hers set because I just don’t think I can talk my husband into a t-shirt with purple flowers and bows; no matter how much he adores his mouse (hee hee).

Nik’s last blood sugar reading, about 20 minutes ago, was 118 – whooooo hoooo – Love those 100 numbers!


Paula Lee said...

Okay, going to try this again. It probably will end up where ever my other comments go. Anyway, I'm Paula Caldwell. I think you had a mother named that. However seems she is no longer with us, thought I'd just make you aware of that. I know before she left us she had asked & asked & asked about the walk tht is planned for Lexington. Poor old thing was trying to find out how long the walk was, in case she could try it herself. She had to leave without ever knowing the answer.

I think, knowing the family that you probably did get your vampire personility from your dear sweet mother & your sainted Grandmother, Winnieona. A good nights sleep, so I'm told, is a wonderful thing. I wouldn't know, but sounds good to me. Seems if you don't sleep much, you could have written your dear sweet Mother. Love begins at home, home is where the heart is, the heart is where dear sweet mother is. Enjoyed reading your blog. Sincerely Mrs. Caldwell