Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mrs. Belk's 3rd Grade Class

As parents, we all have those moments when we simply want to shout, as loud as we can, that’s my kid! Today was like that for me. Nikki gave her first ‘diabetes talk’ to her own audience. She was invited to be the guest speaker for Mrs. Belk’s 3rd grade class (yes I had the wrong teacher AND the wrong grade initially). Let me take this moment to tell Mrs. Belk’s class that they were a great audience; very attentive, respectful and asked a ton of great questions – THANK YOU!
Nikki was so excited to be giving her first ‘talk’. This is something that I had nothing to do with; her, Mrs. Laughlin (Nikki’s teacher) and Mrs. Belk set it up and planned it – I only showed up to take pictures (because we all know how I feel about pictures). Last night, Nikki typed out her speech, gathered the things she wanted to show and talk to the class about and made sure one of her No Sugar Needed t-shirts was clean for today.

It is so great to see your baby girl grow into a self-assured, happy young lady. Nikki took questions for about 15 or 20 minutes and had the answer to 99% of them – I only spoke if she indicated she wanted me to answer; when I say indicated she would say “ask my mom” so I figured it was okay if talked at that point. She’s giving another ‘talk’ on March 24, Diabetes Alert Day, at her school. Her and the wonderful Nurse Paula are heading up a School Walk for Diabetes on that day, Nikki is acting as the school ambassador; the kids are raising money to donate and everyone seems really excited about it. Again, I had nothing to do with that one either – and that makes me so very proud of Nikki and thankful for a school nurse as caring and as involved as Paula.

I also want to thank Wendy Belk for inviting Nikki and giving her the opportunity to tell her story and educate her peers on this disease; it was such a great moment of ownership for her. The teachers and staff have been such an amazing support system since Nikki began there in Kindergarten; I simply don’t have the words to describe the positive impact you have all had on our family.

I have to end with a special nod to our friends Kacey and Jill. I thought you would want to know that Nikki talked about Kacey today when she telling the kids about our blog – and she wore the bracelet you sent her.

God is Good!


Jill said...

Ohhhhh we are SO very proud of Nikki :) She is making such a wonderful role model for Kacey and I'm so glad we met thru the blogs!

Kacey had her own bit of "D-education" today. We took "Herbie" to school and she introduced her whole class to him. Her teacher said she was so excited to share all about the pump and what she would be doing with it.

Our girls are gonna be such wonderful advocates....oh wait...they already are! ;)

Joanne said...

Very cool, your post brought tears to my eyes... I can't even imagine how proud you must be!