Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Mouse Tale

Let me be the first to say that I have no clue as to what is considered normal behavior in a hamster. Now you might be asking yourself “what does that have to do with diabetes”, well…nothing…but it does have something to do with Nikki Mouse. I blogged recently that she has a new ‘baby’ – a Siberian Dwarf Hamster that she named Miss Mouse.

Let me take one of my standard ‘asides’ and tell you where the name Nikki Mouse came from. When I was pregnant with Nikki, Bryan and I took Amber to Disney World for a week. Somewhere during that week I found myself humming “N-I-K-K-I-M-O-U-SE, NIKKI MOUSE – AMBER LEE! NIKKI MOUSE – AMBER LEE; MOMMY’S SWEET LITTLE BABY GIRLS” (to the tune of the Mickey Mouse song). Okay so I’m weird, but that is something I’ve never denied. Anyway, the name stuck and eventually we adopted a little mouse mascot for No Sugar Needed; which is why – when Nikki saw this adorable little hamster she immediately named her Miss Mouse.

That is the end of my ‘aside’ –I’ll now revert back to my original topic of not really knowing much about hamster behavior; but I do know a lot about my children’s behavior and they are total animal lovers. Nikki fell completely in love with Miss Mouse, who came to us just before Nikki’s surgery; which resulted in Nikki being with the little cutie around the clock for the last couple of weeks.{ Another brief ‘aside’: Miss Mouse runs in her mouse wheel for HOURS – MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT HOURS!} This morning I went into Nikki’s room and peeked in Miss Mouse’s house and the crazy little hamster RAN to where I was looking in and peered back up at me; and I swear she was looking for Nikki! This tiny critter is attached to Nikki – Nikki regularly gets her out of her house and she runs around Nik’s bedroom, she climbs on Nikki and I’m not entirely sure that is considered normal hamster behavior; but in Miss Mouse’s defense she is a Turner now and that exempts any requirements regarding acting ‘normal’.

So that’s my Mouse Tale for today.


Jill said...

Too cute!!
I must say, those dwarf hamster are very loveable. When I was little, my brother and I both had 2 as pets and they were the cutest things! Sadly, they were also very sneaky and figured out how to get out of the cage! One night, "Snickers" found her way into MY BED!! It scared me so bad...LOL! I guess she was just wanting a little love ;) LOL!

Those pics are precious!

Briana said...

Hahaha omg that is soo cute!! I can't wait to see it! :)