Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Site Changes and Cameras and Speeches, oh my

Don't you just love the title of this entry? (hee hee) I’m loving this weather! It’s been so pretty the last couple of days, wonder how long it will last. We are just home from various dances classes, musical rehearsals and dog walking adventures; now I’m waiting on the Emla to take affect so I can put Nikki’s new site in. We’ve been changing Cozmo every three days since her surgery 2+ weeks ago and that's been working really well. Her numbers have been pretty fabu (knock on wood).

I snuck into Nikki’s semi-private dance class this afternoon to snap some pictures. I have this fabulous new camera and my continuous picture taking is worse than ever! The girls don’t even notice when I’m taking pictures anymore, which actually makes for really good pictures a lot of the time.

Tomorrow afternoon Nikki is talking to one of the other 5th grade classes about living with diabetes. I’m hoping to sneak in and ….. TAKE PICTURES ….. or maybe even get a little video; however, I don’t want to make Nikki aware of my presence and mess up her speech. I asked if it would bother her if I come (as long as I sit toward the back) and took some pics/video for No Sugar; she was all for it – as long as I asked Mrs. Collins if it’s okay, we must ALWAYS follow the rules. (Lori, I think this is my request) :-D.

Well Cozmo is beeping rather insistently at me because I started the loading process but stopped to blog – so I’m off to do a site change. It's a good thing Cozmo has a better brain than me most of the time.