Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring - I Can Feel It!

It’s been a great weekend so far. Nikki is pretty much feeling back to her old self and that is such a relief. My oldest daughter, Amber, had her 8th grade formal last night, she looked beautiful and yes I’m biased. With the weather changing to Spring (let’s hope it stays that way) I’m feeling a definite need to do some Spring cleaning and organizing, but just haven’t developed the DRIVE to get up and actually do it.

I’m also excited because our blog is going to be getting a face lift, which includes our own custom design. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Another wonderful happening is that Nikki’s school nurse is organizing a School Walk for Diabetes and has asked Nikki to be the School Ambassador. Paula (nurse) has done this all on her own and I have no real word to express my gratitude for her care and concern for Nikki Mouse. I'm still trying to talk her into graduating to middle school with Nikki next year. There is one other student at school that has diabetes and he is in first grade – I know this will be a great chance for them to really help in their own fight for a cure.

Lastly, one of the 5th grade teachers is doing a unit (and I’m not exactly sure what the precise unit is about – Nikki gave very vague information – she was just so excited) that has to do with the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas and diabetes. She asked Nikki if she would be willing to come to her class and talk about diabetes and answer questions. She is thrilled!

In May we are walking with ADA Step Out for A Cure. My writer friend, who is also a diabetes educator in Kentucky, invited us to walk with the event in her town and we are very happy to be participating! Don’t forget to check out her book CookingUp Fun for Kids With Diabetes – it’s an awesome book to have in your diabetes stash.
DON'T FORGET: If you are a T1, are related to a T1 or if you're friends with a T1 and have permission to e-mail their picture, I am wanting to do a blog dedicated to the Faces of Type 1 - my e-mail is


Melis said...

Amber looked so amazing the other night! I can't believe how she is growing up! Also, Nikki is looking sooooo much healthier! I am so Thankful!