Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend Stuff

Blood sugar numbers have been between 80 and 137 – yeeee haw!!! Today was a special day for our family. My granddaughter turned 1 today, which I can’t believe. We had a wonderful time with all 4 of our girls and our birthday princess. Stacy and Briana are my husband’s daughters from a previous marriage, but since they have been a part of my life since they were 2 and 7 (about 20 years now) I like to claim them as mine as well. Anyway, we had a great time admiring the adorable Princess Emilee. Nikki’s blood sugars were spot on today – which always makes it a promising day and no one fell or incurred any injuries – an all around success.

This coming Tuesday is the American Diabetes, Diabetes Alert Day. Nikki’s class and another couple of classes are sponsoring a School Walk for Diabetes to raise money toward a cure. The kids at school have really gotten behind this cause and are almost as excited as Nikki and her little T1 1st grade buddy; which goes a long way toward raising awareness in the youngest generation.

Late last night Nik came in to tell me a funny story (her words) about when she was checking her blood in class yesterday. She said she was feeling Low so she decided she needed to check. The boy sitting next to her decided that was the perfect time to ask her question after question after question about diabetes. She said he was asking things like “does that hurt”, “do you have to do that every day”. She said “mom, I never mind answering questions; but my blood was low and I couldn’t concentrate on getting my strip in the meter, my finger poked AND answer all his questions and I was getting… know {waving her hands around her head}”. So I asked her what she did. She said when he asked “do you LIKE checking your blood, I told him ‘yeah, it’s great let me do yours’; and he left me alone after that”. She was amused at how fast he wanted to get away once he thought she would actually poke his finger; “but,” she said “he quit asking me questions so I could concentrate on my blood”.

I believe that’s all I’ll say about that….well….Go Nikki!
DIABETES FACES: I'm still collecting pictures of people with T1 - I want to do a blog entry that consists entirely of the people this disease affects - a blog in pictures. If you're willing to send me a picture, please e-mail it to


All 4 My Gals said...

Your blog looks great! Nikki is one smart girl! So cute. I'm glad you had a good weekend w/ your girls. Em's numbers were pretty perfect today too, must be in the air... sunny air at least! HUGS