Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh, The PASTA-bilities!

I was told about the following company and its food by a friend of mine; she happens to be a Diabetes Nurse Educator and Author, so I have confidence in her recommendations but like always, consult with your own nurse educator for specific advice. The article is taken directly from the company’s website Dreamfields Foods and it’s definitely worth reading and exploring. Thanks Tammi!

Diabetes and Dreamfields? Discover the Pasta-bilities.

One of the most prevalent myths that comes with a diabetes diagnosis it that you will never be able to enjoy many of your favorite foods again, pasta being one of them. That’s simply not true! While you do need to control carbohydrate, calorie, and fat intake, and make sensible food choices, Dreamfields pasta can be part of your healthful eating plan.
It Really Is Possible For People With Diabetes To Eat Dreamfields Pasta...
Dreamfields has per serving (2 ounces dry, about 5 ounces cooked):

All of these qualities translate into a lower blood glucose rise after eating Dreamfields as compared to eating the same amount of traditional white pasta. You can truly have your Dreamfields pasta and enjoy it too...without feeling guilty or compromising blood glucose control.

Carbohydrate: Back to the Basics.
People with pre-diabetes and diabetes pay a lot of attention to carbohydrate because it is the primary determinant of post-meal blood glucose levels. Carbohydrate is one of the three building blocks that make up all the foods you eat. The other two are protein and fat. Whether or not you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, carbohydrate is an important part of a healthy eating plan because carbohydrate-rich foods provide energy, fiber and important vitamins and minerals. Everybody (even people with pre-diabetes or diabetes) needs to eat some carbohydrate each day. In fact, the average minimum daily amount of carbohydrate recommended, or the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance), is 130 grams/day.With only 5 grams of digestible carbohydrate per serving (2 ounces dry, about 5 ounces cooked), Dreamfields pasta can easily fit into most meal-time carbohydrate goals.*

*Whether enjoying Dreamfields pasta or other foods, consumers with diabetes must carefully monitor blood glucose and have frequent contact with their physician to maintain good health.To create a healthful eating plan for your individual needs, consult with a qualified educated dietician.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

We Survived Ludicrous Lock-In 2009

We have had a busy, crazy, fun weekend so far. Last night was our youth group’s 2009 Ludicrous Lock-In and it was the first time all 4 of us went. Bryan and I chaperoned and the girls were experts at being girls. I’m happy to report that we all made it nicely through the night without falling asleep once. It was a great time and about 129 kids came.

Nikki’s blood sugars held for the majority of the night, which always makes things a lot more fun for her. This morning we arrived home around 8:00 a.m. and though the girls decided they weren’t sleepy, Bryan and I had no trouble falling asleep ourselves. Amber, Nikki and Amber’s friend Angie did finally fall asleep and slept until 5:00 this evening. It may take all week to get back to a normal schedule, but it was well worth the family time and the fun. Tomorrow we will spend the day between my parent’s house and my grandmother’s & aunt’s house; which we are very excited about. All in all, a very active and happy family weekend.
Our fundraising for the 2009 Walk for a Cure is coming along nicely and we've been so very touched by some of the people that work with my husband, friends from church, friends from high school and more; but that's a blog for another time. Blood sugars hanging out in the 100's the last couple of days whooo hooo!

All for now..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

IPod Challenge

Okay, Jill over at Diabetes Sweeties answered this challenge, so I'm answering hers - and now you have to answer mine. If you put your IPod on random, what is the first 25 songs that will play? After looking at mine I'm more convinced of my own extreme randomness than ever before :-D. Here is what's on my 25 :

1. Chicken Fried - Zac Brown Band

2. Redeemer - Nicole C. Mullen

3. Roll On - Kid Rock

4. Arise My Love - Newsong

5. My Wish - Rascal Flatts

6. Shine - Martina McBride

7. All Summer Long - Kid Rock

8. Country Strong - Blake Shelton

9. She's Country - Jason Aldean

10. The King is Coming - The Gaithers

11. Friends with Tractors - Rodney Atkins

12. It's America - Rodney Atkins

13. Muddy Water - Trace Adkins

14. Stand - Rascal Flatts

15. Moments - Emerson Drive

16. Why - Nicole Nordeman

17. It's A Wonderful World - Willie Nelson

18. Angry American - Toby Keith

19. Old Blue Chair - Kenny Chesney

20. Have You Ever Love a Woman - Chris Daughtry

21. Anything but Mine - Kenny Chesney

22. Don't Blink - Kenny Chesney

23. A Different World - Bucky Covington

24. Good Directions - Billy Currington

25. When the Sun Goes Down - Kenny Chesney

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best Friends

I have three best friends - friends that are more like my sisters than friends. Nikki has 3 best friends and 2 of them are like her sisters – Amber has a best friend who is like her sister. We are definitely blessed in the area of wonderful BFFs. Now, are you ready for the “wow” part of this? You have to follow me – I’ll try not to make this confusing.
  • My best friends are: Pamela, Melissa and Heather; Pamela’s daughter is Khadija;Heather’s daughter is Samantha and Melissa’s daughter is Brooke.
  • Nikki’s best friends are Samantha and Brooke;
  • Amber’s best friend is Khadija.
Yep – we are all tangled up! How cool is it that I get to share that special BFF bond with my girls – God constantly amazes and blesses me.

WHY am I blogging about this? Aside from the fact that I want them to know how blessed we are to have them in our lives (I know you are all reading this) – we just got back from watching Brooke in a play directed by Melissa. They did a beautiful job and a very cool part of the evening was how excited Nikki, Amber and I were to just be there to show them our love and support. Melissa has walked through the whole diabetes thing with me and took it upon herself to learn how to take care of Nikki so that Nik could continue going anywhere and everywhere with them.

Amber’s lifelong best friend, Khadija, lives in Texas now; yet whenever we have our yearly reunion she immediately picks up her questioning and learning about diabetes – just because she loves us.

The day we celebrated Nikki’s 6th Liveabetes anniversary, I noticed just how much her best friends know about diabetes. The kids decided they wanted a snack and I guess Nikki forgot to run it by me (for a carb count); Brooke and Sam came into the kitchen asking me where the cheezits were because they needed to figure out the carbs for Nikki. Now that is a ‘my cup runneth over’ moment if there ever was one. These little ladies have all voluntarily asked Nikki to check to their blood sugar at different times, just so they would know how it feels to her. I thank my precious Lord for the amazing blessings he has sent our family in the form of friends.

God is Good!

Brooke, Nikki & Sam

Amber & Khadija

Pamela & Sheri

Sheri, Melissa & Brooke

Heather & Sam

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fundraising Season - Part 1

We are starting to think about the JDRF Walk for a Cure; late summer. This year I’m trying a few new fundraising ideas – including asking for corporate and/or business sponsors. I always hate asking people for money, especially with the economy being what it is; but I also know that the only way the money will be there to continue research and trials – which will eventually be the cure for my daughter, niece and nephew – is through donations. So I’m trudging on and getting started early this year. We are hoping to raise at least $2,000, Nikki thinks we should set our goal higher. We’ll be selling the orange Max Life JDRF bracelets for $1, which makes it easy for Nikki’s friends to donate.

If you know of any business owner that would be willing to sponsor No Sugar Needed, please let me know. Any business/corporate donation over $100 will allow us to advertise their business name on the back of our walk t-shirts.

Nikki’s class raised $333 when they did the School Walk through ADA; and No Sugar is walking with ADA in their Step Out campaign in May. However, we had to pick one fundraiser to focus on (regarding raising money) and Nikki picked JDRF’s Walk for a Cure – and she’s the T1 Boss. If you are interested in walking with us in May (ADA - Keeneland in Lexington) or in September (JDRF - Peace Bell in Newport) we are always thrilled to have new team members.

I’m listing our fundraising sites for both Walks here – you can go there to make donations or to join our walk team. You can also send donations by check to my address (made payable to JDRF or ADA – whichever you prefer). PLEASE don’t hesitate to shout at me through my blog or my e-mail address

Together we can make a difference!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Hamster Nips

I'm Dr. Seussing it again. Last weekend, I was telling my mother the story of Nikki's hamster nipping her. It left a perfect little blood drop, so of course I grabbed her meter and tested her blood - no sense in wasting perfectly good blood. However, now Nikki's wears her favorite pair of pink gloves when she gets Miss Mouse out of her hamster house - no more hamster nips for Nikki. I couldn't resist the urge to turn the whole incident into a Dr. Seuss type poem.

When my hamster nips, Mom gets a strip
She tells me not to trip, if I do I’ll drop the drip
Then I test and that’s not a jest
But now I’m on a quest
I’m searching here, I’m searching there
I’m searching everywhere
At last! My gloves are lost no more
Now my fingers won’t get sore
When my hamster nips, don't get a strip
No test, no jest and I think you know the rest

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Daddy Always Said

I believe it’s a universal parent thing to be continually shocked by how fast our children grow up. I’m in the midst of one of those cycles. School will be out here in around 30 days and though I love summer for a multitude of reasons (extra time with my kids being number 1) this summer is not quite as exciting. The reason is because my Amber will be entering HIGH SCHOOL next school year and my Nikki will be entering MIDDLE SCHOOL! I’d like to know who put the clock on fast forward!

However, like all transitions, sweet moments are everywhere. Middle school parent orientation was last week and I had the privilege of watching Amber show Nikki and some of her friends around the school. That is definitely going into my “That Is So Cool/Proud Mommy Moments” column. I’m admittedly stressed about the girls moving into new areas of their lives. With Nikki it is strictly because of diabetes – she already has the social and I know my way around the school thing down pat. I’m worried about things that will only make sense to T1 parents, so I won’t attempt to list them all here (yet, I may blog that later LOL).

Now for one of my random ‘asides’; my daddy always said I’m a worrier. His favorite thing to tell me was that if I wasn’t worried then I’d be worried I’d forgotten something. Isn’t it annoying how well our parents know us? Anyway, I’m currently in the middle of worrying I’ve forgotten something. The reason is because there doesn’t really appear to be as much to worry about in the middle school transition as I had anticipated.

Some of you may remember that Nikki has a very close T1 friend here in our county, same age/grade, but she has attended a different elementary school. Nikki and Mikayla see each other when the can and they go to diabetes camp every summer together. Next year the girls will be attending the same school for the first time and we already know of at least one class they have together. That’s not all, the nurse at Twenhofel (yes that’s the actual name of the actual school –for Paul when he reads this post) is a T1 and she wears a mini-med pump; she’s excited to have Nikki and Mikayla coming to her school next year. So that knocks out a lot of what I was worrying about – now what? Just kidding. Finally, along with Mikayla being in the class I was speaking of, one of Nikki’s three BFFs (Emily) is in that class as well. God is Good.

Daddy was right….if I’m not worrying I worry I forgot something. I wonder what I forgot….

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Blessings

This last few days has been just crazy busy. Between my own school work, several Easter events, a friend’s family emergency and more I’ve met myself coming and going a couple of times – and I must say that as I passed myself I noticed that the bags under my eyes are becoming a rather permanent part of my face; not a good look.

We had a wonderful and blessed Easter. Good numbers, great health, good friends and family all around and, most importantly, the celebration of our Risen Lord. Oh, and PERFECT Easter Sunday weather. My niece Brittany was among our family sharing Easter with us; Nikki and her sat down to check their blood together before dinner - a minor detail for us, but they do draw strength from having each other, even for small moments like that. It's bittersweet to watch them; Brittany is all grown up now (with a baby of her own) and yet you can see the silent communication between her and Nikki when they are in the middle of any kind of 'diabetes moment'. By-the-way, they had almost identical blood sugar readings - which made them smile. And, in case you were worried, I did remember to grab my camera and shoot a quick picture of the checking their blood; Kodak type moment you know.

Today was back to school, work, all the normal stuff. I was teaching 3rd grade down the hall from Nikki’s classroom. If you follow my blog you may remember a couple postings ago I mentioned that Nikki forgot to take out her old site after changing to a new site, so she was walking around with multiple sites – well, it happened again and this time it was a very ‘happy accident’. I changed her site last night and today it decided it would just fall right out (which is a rare occurrence). Nik went down and got Nurse Paula and they came up to my classroom with a new Cleo – Since I couldn’t leave my classroom I was going to pop in the new site just outside the classroom (which Nikki was not happy about because I didn’t have emla cream with me and she is very attached to her emla cream). BUT when she lifted her shirt just enough for me to see a tiny bit of her tummy we realized she had forgotten to take out the old site again – INSTANT SOLUTION! I just hooked her back up to her old site and sent her back to class! We changed her to a new site (after her emla application had time to numb the new site) after school and all is well with the world! Her blood sugar was 103 when she fell asleep.

God is Good!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Diabetes in the Sky

My husband, Bryan, travels for work each week. Most of the time he drives, but every now and then he is going far enough that he has to fly. Last week was a flying week and it was a long one. He boarded the plane to come home today in an exhausted frame of mind and was focused on getting home. On his way down the plane’s isle he noticed a middle aged lady struggling with a blood glucose meter; she was seated in his row. He didn’t want to be rude by staring at her, but being the dad of a T1 he could tell something was ‘off’. He finally scooted over toward the lady and said “do you need help”. She was very unfocused and in an obvious “low” state; she said “I think I’m 49”. He took her meter and looked at it, it actually read “40”. He got the flight attendant’s attention and told her to bring some orange juice. The lady had a little bit of orange juice in a cup in front of her but was unfocused enough that she wasn’t remembering to drink it. Bryan coaxed her to drink the remaining juice then told her she would need long lasting carbs to go with the o.j.

Now this is where I will say my hubby is a true hero. He actually dared to go into the unknown depths of a woman’s (a stranger’s) purse -- with her permission and direction -- to search for peanut butter crackers; which he found. He sat with her until her blood sugar returned to normal and he was sure she was okay. After they arrived home and had departed the plane, she stopped him and told him she didn’t know what would have happened to her if he hadn’t been there. Now that is a total God moment.

As it turned out the lady was only diagnosed 2 years ago; her diagnosis came in the middle of tragedy. She was driving her car and passed out at the wheel; the result was a 5 car pileup on an interstate. Bryan didn’t feel comfortable enough to ask if anyone was seriously injured, but her story definitely highlights the dangers that T1s have to face every day – just doing the things that most people take for granted.

When I reflect on his trip home it just amazes me. Think about it, on this plane full of people there was only 1 person on it that had the ability to recognize the signs of an extreme low just by looking at the woman. Things could have turned out much differently for her; but God placed them both at the same spot, in the same pocket of time. Amazing, just amazing.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mouse Definition

So, Nikki and I are here dog sitting for a very dear friend while the youth are meeting in my house tonight. It was a good mother/daughter time and the dogs (and the skink) enjoyed the company. Anyway, Nikki decided she was bored so we started one of our very random conversations, which lead to this posting. Nikki has developed a new meaning for the word DIABETES. In case the picture above is a little hard to read, here is her analysis:

D = DANG! My finger won't bleed!
I = IF my pump falls, I fall!
A = ANOTHER finger poke?!
B = BEEPING isn't always me!
E = EXTRA tubing gets tangled easy.
T = TIME to feed my meter!
E = EXTRA exercise equals LOW!
S = SILENCE! I'm calculating carbs.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mouse Humor

As I’m sure EVERYONE knows by now, yesterday was Nikki’s 6th Liveabetes Anniversary. Keeping in line with the silliness of Nikki was something that might only really be appreciated by a T1 and his/her family. We are getting ready to go to the movies to finish up our Liveabetes celebration (Monsters vs. Aliens, completely hysterical!) when Nikki randomly busts out laughing. Yes, I know that this is not all that unusual, but she was laughing so hard it did catch my attention.

Before I tell you why she was laughing, I must point out that the day before was ‘site change’ time. In case that doesn’t make sense: site change is when we take out the old site that is in her skin, as well as the current insulin cartridge in her pump and replace them with new ones. I insert a new site, usually in her tummy because that’s her current favorite site position, about every 3 days. Once the new one is in, she takes out the old one and throws it away.

This time, she forgot to take out the old site; which means, that she walked around for a little over 24 hours with multiple sites in her tummy and didn’t know it. She bumped into something (another Nikki thing – bumping into things) and thought she felt something weird, she lifted up her sweatshirt and busted out laughing; then showed everyone in the house. Now that may not sound too funny to many of you, but we all thought it was hysterical. We find humor in the strangest things, but it was a really good laugh!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 6, 2009 - Nikki's 6th Liveabetes Day

We made the decision, last year, to make every April 6 a day of celebration. Now you might think we are crazy for 'celebrating' they day our daughter was diagnosed with type 1; that's not what we are celebrating. We are celebrating HOW she lives her life in spite of T1 - it has not and will not defeat her; she simply won't allow it. In keeping with that frame of mind, we have decided to call this her LIVEABETES Day; a day to celebrate blessings, friends, experiences and the fact that Nikki is one of the bravest kids around.

We began our celebration a day early because dad has to leave to travel for work tomorrow, which is actually the 6th. So we had lunch and I gave each of my 2 girls a small gift - Amber may not have diabetes but she does have to live with it. I also made a special video for Nikki; it begins with the day she was released from the hospital after her diagnosis and moves through a few wonderful moments during the last 6 years. We invite you to view it and share some of those memories.

Here's hoping that one day we won't be celebrating Liveabetes, because there WILL BE a cure


Friday, April 3, 2009

Being a Kid

I was walking out front this evening to check on the kids – my kids, neighbor kids, my kids friends, you get the idea – there were a lot of kids. Instead of shouting my standard “everyone okay? Nikki do you need to test?!”, I stopped to watch them. They had invented some elaborate game and were having a marvelous time – I wondered how long it had been since I felt that kind of freedom and joy in just being….well, right where I was. Diabetes, college, work, scheduled activities, raising kids, marriage, LIFE all has a way of depleting some of the awareness out of actually living. Now, I know that people have made up all sorts of “kid lists” before, but I wanted to ask these kids (kids who are part of my life) a question “what is so great about being a kid?” The group ranged in age from 4 years to 11 years so the answers were varied, but came at me like little bullets; they had no trouble telling me why being a kid is great. I was typing the list up for a project I’m working on, as well as this blog, and that's when it hit me – not one single answer had to do with material possessions, not one. Here is what they said:

Spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning
The Zoo
Jump rope
Throwing Stuff
Pretending to sleep so you get carried into the house
The Last Day of School
Playing outside barefoot
The First Day of School
Chasing the ice cream man
Birthday Parties
Riding Bikes
Making Mommy Laugh
Learning to Whistle
Running, no reason, just running
Sidewalk Chalk
Staying up late when there’s no school
Learning to Whistle
Not being a grown up

Humm, I think Peter Pan knew what he was talking about.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Brace, No Cast, No Problem

Nikki had her wrist re-xrayed and Troy gave her a ‘thumbs up’. No fracture or break ---- whoooo hoooooo! Now we just have to hope that Nikki stays healthy and free of injury; I’m considering bubble wrap. Imagine my need to stop Nikki from going outside to help Daddy and Max get rid of branches from this winter’s ice storm damage to our beautiful (and beloved) weeping willow tree – the kids call it the ‘whomping willow’. I go outside and Nikki is underneath looking up at her daddy who is in the TOP of the tree (which of course sent me scrambling for my camera). As of this writing, no one was injured in the tree repair project :-D.

Blood sugars in the 100’s with 2 lows today; but overall pretty good! She did have one 'Nikki Moment' this morning when she came to tell on her dad. Bryan did the middle of the night blood check last night and he had to try and find Nikki in a sea of little girls (which is a normal thing at our house when school is on break). Anyway, he found Nikki's foot so he tested her big toe. She was a little put out with the fact that he didn't ASK her if he could test her foot; the fact that she was sound asleep and the only part of her that he could find was her foot was just not a good excuse. My thought was, how could he tell in the dark, that he had the right foot. Since no one jumped up screaming their little heads off I figure he got it right.
The sun is shining, everyone is healthy – we are blessed!