Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best Friends

I have three best friends - friends that are more like my sisters than friends. Nikki has 3 best friends and 2 of them are like her sisters – Amber has a best friend who is like her sister. We are definitely blessed in the area of wonderful BFFs. Now, are you ready for the “wow” part of this? You have to follow me – I’ll try not to make this confusing.
  • My best friends are: Pamela, Melissa and Heather; Pamela’s daughter is Khadija;Heather’s daughter is Samantha and Melissa’s daughter is Brooke.
  • Nikki’s best friends are Samantha and Brooke;
  • Amber’s best friend is Khadija.
Yep – we are all tangled up! How cool is it that I get to share that special BFF bond with my girls – God constantly amazes and blesses me.

WHY am I blogging about this? Aside from the fact that I want them to know how blessed we are to have them in our lives (I know you are all reading this) – we just got back from watching Brooke in a play directed by Melissa. They did a beautiful job and a very cool part of the evening was how excited Nikki, Amber and I were to just be there to show them our love and support. Melissa has walked through the whole diabetes thing with me and took it upon herself to learn how to take care of Nikki so that Nik could continue going anywhere and everywhere with them.

Amber’s lifelong best friend, Khadija, lives in Texas now; yet whenever we have our yearly reunion she immediately picks up her questioning and learning about diabetes – just because she loves us.

The day we celebrated Nikki’s 6th Liveabetes anniversary, I noticed just how much her best friends know about diabetes. The kids decided they wanted a snack and I guess Nikki forgot to run it by me (for a carb count); Brooke and Sam came into the kitchen asking me where the cheezits were because they needed to figure out the carbs for Nikki. Now that is a ‘my cup runneth over’ moment if there ever was one. These little ladies have all voluntarily asked Nikki to check to their blood sugar at different times, just so they would know how it feels to her. I thank my precious Lord for the amazing blessings he has sent our family in the form of friends.

God is Good!

Brooke, Nikki & Sam

Amber & Khadija

Pamela & Sheri

Sheri, Melissa & Brooke

Heather & Sam


Joanne said...

I read your post, but I have to be honest with you, I am just to wrung out and tired to follow it tonight! But I did want to say that I pray when Elise gets older, she has friends just like Nikki's.

I'll come back tomorrow when my brain is (hopefully) more rested.

Melis said...

We are very blessed to be on your list and I thank God daily for your friendship and for the amazing bond between our two girls! Thanks again for coming tonight it meant so much to both of us!

P.S. If you really love me you would have used the picture of the 4 of us from tonight...I looked much better :)

No Sugar Needed said...

You ladies are cracking me up! Joanne I totally understand where you're coming from!

MELISSA, see how much I love you? I changed the picture!

Joanne said...

I get it now... How cool! It's amazing what a semi-decent nights rest and a day of good numbers will do!

No Sugar Needed said...

Thanks for making me smile again Joanne - YAY for good numbers!!!!