Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Blessings

This last few days has been just crazy busy. Between my own school work, several Easter events, a friend’s family emergency and more I’ve met myself coming and going a couple of times – and I must say that as I passed myself I noticed that the bags under my eyes are becoming a rather permanent part of my face; not a good look.

We had a wonderful and blessed Easter. Good numbers, great health, good friends and family all around and, most importantly, the celebration of our Risen Lord. Oh, and PERFECT Easter Sunday weather. My niece Brittany was among our family sharing Easter with us; Nikki and her sat down to check their blood together before dinner - a minor detail for us, but they do draw strength from having each other, even for small moments like that. It's bittersweet to watch them; Brittany is all grown up now (with a baby of her own) and yet you can see the silent communication between her and Nikki when they are in the middle of any kind of 'diabetes moment'. By-the-way, they had almost identical blood sugar readings - which made them smile. And, in case you were worried, I did remember to grab my camera and shoot a quick picture of the checking their blood; Kodak type moment you know.

Today was back to school, work, all the normal stuff. I was teaching 3rd grade down the hall from Nikki’s classroom. If you follow my blog you may remember a couple postings ago I mentioned that Nikki forgot to take out her old site after changing to a new site, so she was walking around with multiple sites – well, it happened again and this time it was a very ‘happy accident’. I changed her site last night and today it decided it would just fall right out (which is a rare occurrence). Nik went down and got Nurse Paula and they came up to my classroom with a new Cleo – Since I couldn’t leave my classroom I was going to pop in the new site just outside the classroom (which Nikki was not happy about because I didn’t have emla cream with me and she is very attached to her emla cream). BUT when she lifted her shirt just enough for me to see a tiny bit of her tummy we realized she had forgotten to take out the old site again – INSTANT SOLUTION! I just hooked her back up to her old site and sent her back to class! We changed her to a new site (after her emla application had time to numb the new site) after school and all is well with the world! Her blood sugar was 103 when she fell asleep.

God is Good!


No Sugar Needed said...

This was actually supposed to be Monday's post - but I got behind :-D

Hannah said...

Sounds like things are going well!!