Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Hamster Nips

I'm Dr. Seussing it again. Last weekend, I was telling my mother the story of Nikki's hamster nipping her. It left a perfect little blood drop, so of course I grabbed her meter and tested her blood - no sense in wasting perfectly good blood. However, now Nikki's wears her favorite pair of pink gloves when she gets Miss Mouse out of her hamster house - no more hamster nips for Nikki. I couldn't resist the urge to turn the whole incident into a Dr. Seuss type poem.

When my hamster nips, Mom gets a strip
She tells me not to trip, if I do I’ll drop the drip
Then I test and that’s not a jest
But now I’m on a quest
I’m searching here, I’m searching there
I’m searching everywhere
At last! My gloves are lost no more
Now my fingers won’t get sore
When my hamster nips, don't get a strip
No test, no jest and I think you know the rest


Joanne said...

Ha ha ha ha! Love it!

k2 said...

It's amazing how everyone affected by diabetes automatically runs for the strip whenever we start to bleed, regardless of the cause!
Wouldn't want to waste such a good drop!

Paula Lee said...

I know I laughed like a fool when you told me about grabbing the strip. It just invoked such a funny picture in my mind. Some what like a blonde vampire. LOL. I love your "poem" sounds like a white girls rap! hahahaha You have talent that I didn't know about. I sure make good baby's. :)