Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Brace, No Cast, No Problem

Nikki had her wrist re-xrayed and Troy gave her a ‘thumbs up’. No fracture or break ---- whoooo hoooooo! Now we just have to hope that Nikki stays healthy and free of injury; I’m considering bubble wrap. Imagine my need to stop Nikki from going outside to help Daddy and Max get rid of branches from this winter’s ice storm damage to our beautiful (and beloved) weeping willow tree – the kids call it the ‘whomping willow’. I go outside and Nikki is underneath looking up at her daddy who is in the TOP of the tree (which of course sent me scrambling for my camera). As of this writing, no one was injured in the tree repair project :-D.

Blood sugars in the 100’s with 2 lows today; but overall pretty good! She did have one 'Nikki Moment' this morning when she came to tell on her dad. Bryan did the middle of the night blood check last night and he had to try and find Nikki in a sea of little girls (which is a normal thing at our house when school is on break). Anyway, he found Nikki's foot so he tested her big toe. She was a little put out with the fact that he didn't ASK her if he could test her foot; the fact that she was sound asleep and the only part of her that he could find was her foot was just not a good excuse. My thought was, how could he tell in the dark, that he had the right foot. Since no one jumped up screaming their little heads off I figure he got it right.
The sun is shining, everyone is healthy – we are blessed!