Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mouse Has Many Friends

I’m admitting -- right now -- that I’m totally addicted to my iPhone – I mean it has to be the coolest toy I’ve ever had! So tonight I’m sitting here on my computer, downloading APPS for my iPhone when about 3 LOUD LOUD LOUD girls come running through my front door--not a single one of them was mine – the weirdest thing is I really didn’t pay attention to that fact. Well, until one of them made a complete circle from Nikki’s bedroom to the kitchen and back to me in the dining room saying “Nikki needs her meter, where is it”. Now I know I’ve written many times about Nikki’s 3 best friends – but these young ladies are a completely different set of friends. One of the girls was standing by me, one still looking for the meter and one was in my refrigerator looking for ‘a 15 carb juice’. I was almost speechless and then I remembered I actually needed to get Nikki’s meter.

She was fine, they had all been playing (and let me tell you girls have nothing on boys when it comes to playing rough and hard outside) in the front yard and Nikki said she felt a little low – so all 3 friends came flying into the house and knew what to do. I am always touched by how much her 3 best friends know about T1; these girls are not in her ‘inner inner’ circle, but she’s been friends with them since kindergarten ; however, to suddenly realize just how many true friends my Nikki Mouse has (people that aren’t grown-ups) is more than a little touching. A definite “my cup runneth over” moment.

As of now, they have all had a ’15 carb juice’ and have resumed playing a very LOUD and ROUGH game of 4 square. God is Good!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weepy Me

What a crazy, busy week. First, I am done with finals and have about 3+ weeks before I start my summer session at WKU AND this time next year I’ll be done! I’m winding up this semester with three A’s and one B – not too bad. I’ve been teaching a lot lately, which is a good thing because I truly enjoy that part of my life. Nikki has had a great couple of weeks – and awesome health for more than a month – Thank You Father God!

Now for the weepy part … for many reasons, I pride myself on my strength and ability to handle most situations without falling apart. I think that strength sort of finds you when you suddenly have a child with any kind of a chronic illness; which is all I can speak to. Anyway, I also don’t like to cry in public, another ‘issue’ that has roots in many places. However, lately I seem to cry all the time. My children are growing up way too fast, and let me say that I have enjoyed every second, of every single day of being a mother and the fact that my girls are turning into young ladies at the speed of light is really getting to me. I am very proud of their independence and strength, but the selfish part of me wants them to go through a ‘clingy’ phase just one more time :-D. In about 2 weeks Amber will graduate from middle school and Nikki will graduate from elementary school. Ugh. THEN on June 9 we are losing some friends that are a very important part of our lives, but Amber will be especially hit by the loss.

Because of government flaws our friends will have to leave the United States, for good, and return to South Africa – that’s it, they most likely won’t live in our country again. We’ll keep up with them through facebook, myspace, email, phone calls, etc. etc. but that just can’t replace the fact that my daughter is losing one of her best friends – one that she’s been friends with since age 4 – and I can’t fix this for any of them. So there it is, the 3 things that have me crying on a daily basis: I suppose there are times in our lives that we just have to accept that part of ourselves, but I sure am tired of walking around with a Kleenex in my hand.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Freaky Friday

Here is my list of things that need to get done between now and June 9: Nikki’s 5th grade recognition, Amber’s 8th grade bridging ceremony, Briana’s college graduation, Amber’s play—2 nights, Nikki’s dance recital—2 nights; chorus competition at Kings Island, 5th grade picnic, WKU Finals, trip to Lexington for Mother’s Day, family wedding, going away party and that’s just the extra stuff – so I’ve been feeling a tad overwhelmed and probably because a lot of those events are going to be rather emotional (and we all know how low key I am, I never let my feelings get the best of me ---see how I can make myself laugh).

Today was an interesting day -- Freaky Friday as it were. I was teaching 1st grade (now if I had just a touch of their energy I could do it ALL). CATS testing is going on this week and next week, so I was surprised when I looked up to see my daughter and the Assistant Principal standing in my classroom doorway. It seems Nikki started ‘beeping’ in the middle of testing and realized she had a low reservoir (T1 talk which means she was running out of insulin). I check the pump – she’s only got 11.1 units left. However, it was around 10:30 (I think) and I calculated that she had enough insulin left to last until I took my class to lunch – then I could run (call me Speedy) home, grab her insulin, reservoir and new site and get back almost in time to pick up my kids after lunch. So that was my plan; I asked another teacher to cover for me just in case I hadn’t completely gotten Nikki’s site changed (I had a whole 25 minutes to do all of this) – and that’s what I did – I was only 10 minutes late getting back to my class.

THEN – of course that’s not all – at the end of the day I was reading to the class just before the bell rang and Nikki shows up. She announces “MY SITE CAME OUT”. Here we go again. Oh well, at least this time it was the end of the day. I had her test her blood sugar while I walked my kids to the buses – she was 145 so it must have happened just before she noticed it was out. We got it changed again before I left for the day and now I’m sitting here on the couch telling you all everything :-D.
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So that’s my crazy, busy, annoying, exasperating, freaky, wonderful life at the moment. Can’t wait to see what will happen on Saturday (hee hee)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LARGE Ketones

There are some days that I can say, in a very un-ladylike fashion, DIABETES SUCKS. Nikki has had a run of really great health, fairly good numbers and perfect school attendance. Today is the first official day of CATS testing, so of course, we hit a bump.

Sometime between my 2 a.m. blood check and ‘time to get up’ this morning at 7 a.m. she had a site or pump issue (it’s honestly a mystery at this point) all I know is that her pump ‘said’ “delivery stopped” and my heart along with it. I grabbed her meter, blood sugar was 476. I got her awake enough to go to the restroom to check ketones – LARGE. *@%#!!!!!

I changed her insulin cartridge, changed her site, changed the battery, called school, cancelled my sub job for today (sorry Jenny) and proceeded to hover over Nikki. We are finally down to TRACE ketones – it’s 2:45 p.m. -- and her blood sugar has been back down to about 120 or so since around 10:30 this morning. What a frustrating day; but things seem to be back to normal now, that’s pretty much how diabetes works. It tends to semi-hide for a while then swoop in, screw things up and go right back to its semi-hiding spot.

Now we focus on tomorrow, which WILL be a great day.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Yeeee Hawwwww! Many of you know that Nikki has struggled with an incredibly low immune system for the last few years, which is complicated (not caused) by T1. This past February she had her tonsils and adenoids removed in hopes that their removal would help with the chronic sinus infections; in turn help her overall immune system.

I am very PROUD to report that for the first time since kindergarten -- the first time in 5 years -- Nikki just completed her first MONTH of PERFECT ATTENDANCE!!!!!!!!! She is so proud of herself. She's always known that her continuous illnesses were not caused by T1 but she is a kid and sometimes she just felt like she was always sick because of diabetes and then she would be worried she would always be sick because she was always going to have diabetes. Today, her T1 Giant shrank a bit in Nikki's mind and I couldn't be happier!

Seems like a small thing to many people, but for Nikki this was one ginourmous hurdle and she tackled it head on like she does everything else. Like I said YEEEEE HAWWWW that can also be translated to PRAISE THE LORD!!