Friday, May 8, 2009

Freaky Friday

Here is my list of things that need to get done between now and June 9: Nikki’s 5th grade recognition, Amber’s 8th grade bridging ceremony, Briana’s college graduation, Amber’s play—2 nights, Nikki’s dance recital—2 nights; chorus competition at Kings Island, 5th grade picnic, WKU Finals, trip to Lexington for Mother’s Day, family wedding, going away party and that’s just the extra stuff – so I’ve been feeling a tad overwhelmed and probably because a lot of those events are going to be rather emotional (and we all know how low key I am, I never let my feelings get the best of me ---see how I can make myself laugh).

Today was an interesting day -- Freaky Friday as it were. I was teaching 1st grade (now if I had just a touch of their energy I could do it ALL). CATS testing is going on this week and next week, so I was surprised when I looked up to see my daughter and the Assistant Principal standing in my classroom doorway. It seems Nikki started ‘beeping’ in the middle of testing and realized she had a low reservoir (T1 talk which means she was running out of insulin). I check the pump – she’s only got 11.1 units left. However, it was around 10:30 (I think) and I calculated that she had enough insulin left to last until I took my class to lunch – then I could run (call me Speedy) home, grab her insulin, reservoir and new site and get back almost in time to pick up my kids after lunch. So that was my plan; I asked another teacher to cover for me just in case I hadn’t completely gotten Nikki’s site changed (I had a whole 25 minutes to do all of this) – and that’s what I did – I was only 10 minutes late getting back to my class.

THEN – of course that’s not all – at the end of the day I was reading to the class just before the bell rang and Nikki shows up. She announces “MY SITE CAME OUT”. Here we go again. Oh well, at least this time it was the end of the day. I had her test her blood sugar while I walked my kids to the buses – she was 145 so it must have happened just before she noticed it was out. We got it changed again before I left for the day and now I’m sitting here on the couch telling you all everything :-D.
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So that’s my crazy, busy, annoying, exasperating, freaky, wonderful life at the moment. Can’t wait to see what will happen on Saturday (hee hee)