Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mouse Has Many Friends

I’m admitting -- right now -- that I’m totally addicted to my iPhone – I mean it has to be the coolest toy I’ve ever had! So tonight I’m sitting here on my computer, downloading APPS for my iPhone when about 3 LOUD LOUD LOUD girls come running through my front door--not a single one of them was mine – the weirdest thing is I really didn’t pay attention to that fact. Well, until one of them made a complete circle from Nikki’s bedroom to the kitchen and back to me in the dining room saying “Nikki needs her meter, where is it”. Now I know I’ve written many times about Nikki’s 3 best friends – but these young ladies are a completely different set of friends. One of the girls was standing by me, one still looking for the meter and one was in my refrigerator looking for ‘a 15 carb juice’. I was almost speechless and then I remembered I actually needed to get Nikki’s meter.

She was fine, they had all been playing (and let me tell you girls have nothing on boys when it comes to playing rough and hard outside) in the front yard and Nikki said she felt a little low – so all 3 friends came flying into the house and knew what to do. I am always touched by how much her 3 best friends know about T1; these girls are not in her ‘inner inner’ circle, but she’s been friends with them since kindergarten ; however, to suddenly realize just how many true friends my Nikki Mouse has (people that aren’t grown-ups) is more than a little touching. A definite “my cup runneth over” moment.

As of now, they have all had a ’15 carb juice’ and have resumed playing a very LOUD and ROUGH game of 4 square. God is Good!


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