Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weepy Me

What a crazy, busy week. First, I am done with finals and have about 3+ weeks before I start my summer session at WKU AND this time next year I’ll be done! I’m winding up this semester with three A’s and one B – not too bad. I’ve been teaching a lot lately, which is a good thing because I truly enjoy that part of my life. Nikki has had a great couple of weeks – and awesome health for more than a month – Thank You Father God!

Now for the weepy part … for many reasons, I pride myself on my strength and ability to handle most situations without falling apart. I think that strength sort of finds you when you suddenly have a child with any kind of a chronic illness; which is all I can speak to. Anyway, I also don’t like to cry in public, another ‘issue’ that has roots in many places. However, lately I seem to cry all the time. My children are growing up way too fast, and let me say that I have enjoyed every second, of every single day of being a mother and the fact that my girls are turning into young ladies at the speed of light is really getting to me. I am very proud of their independence and strength, but the selfish part of me wants them to go through a ‘clingy’ phase just one more time :-D. In about 2 weeks Amber will graduate from middle school and Nikki will graduate from elementary school. Ugh. THEN on June 9 we are losing some friends that are a very important part of our lives, but Amber will be especially hit by the loss.

Because of government flaws our friends will have to leave the United States, for good, and return to South Africa – that’s it, they most likely won’t live in our country again. We’ll keep up with them through facebook, myspace, email, phone calls, etc. etc. but that just can’t replace the fact that my daughter is losing one of her best friends – one that she’s been friends with since age 4 – and I can’t fix this for any of them. So there it is, the 3 things that have me crying on a daily basis: I suppose there are times in our lives that we just have to accept that part of ourselves, but I sure am tired of walking around with a Kleenex in my hand.


:) Tracie said...

Kids do grow so fast! Sometimes I can't wait for it....then at other times I don't want it to happen either!

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Who knows what's in store for your friends with this turn of events? Sorry this is painful for you guys, guess Kleenex stock will go up for awhile. :(