Saturday, June 27, 2009

Disney World 2009

I am so very excited - we are heading for Disney World tomorrow morning - for 10 days! Of course, I'm sure I'll be blogging pictures (at the very least) throughout our trip - I won't be able to resist making everyone look at them!

Blood sugars are good and I'm praying they hold steady so that Nikki has a fabulous trip as well. On the 30th we'll be celebrating my oldest daughter's (Amber) 15th birthday at a place called Akershaus Royal Banquet in Epcot Center - both girls are pumped about that!

So...go on...ask me...."what are you doing tomorrow?"

You got it "I'm going to Disney World!!!"

God Bless,

Friday, June 26, 2009


This evening I was thinking and that made me think (seriously); I wondered how much of my time is spent worrying about Nikki's blood sugars and then worrying about whether or not I'm doing all the things necessary to help her become a healthy, successful and independent young lady - That's when I realized that my overactive worrying/thinking button had been pushed and that, in turn, caused me to start speaking in "Suess language" again. The result is the following poem:


Oh the thinks I can think
In one quick little blink
I think about hope
I think about nope
I think about ways to help her cope
When I think what I'm thinking, I shake my head hard
Still my mind starts in blinking, which causes MORE thinking
I think about shots
I think about red spots
then I think about tears
and I think about fears
and I wonder if diabetes will last all her years
When I think what I'm thinking, I shake my head hard
Still my mind starts in blinking which causes MORE thinking
I think of her smiles
I think of her eyes
and I think that her future will soar past the skies
When I think what I'm thinking, I shake my head hard
I let my mind blink and I welcome the thinks
Cause' her future's much brighter than all the thinks I may think.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Does Chronic Illness Look Like

I just finished this video for my Consumer and Family Sciences CFS380 class at Western. Since it is dedicated to all those dealing with any kind of chronic illness I decided to go on and upload it here on No Sugar.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Checking In

Hey Everyone! Still busy here, but now I'm busy getting my summer classes completed (and with professional work) so that when we leave for Disney next Sunday (the 28th) I'll be a free agent - and have nothing to focus on but my kids and husband!

VBS is going on this week and it's been a great time. We still have tomorrow and Friday; Amber is part of the staff this year (again with the growing up stuff) and this will be Nikki's last year to attend; both girls are having a blast.

Yesterday we were able to spend almost the entire day with family. It was my nephew Michael's 9th birthday and we headed to my hometown (about and hour and half away from my house) immediately after Bible School. We had a completely wonderful time and were able to hang out with my mom, my nephews, niece, great nephew and my granny for a whole day. Now that was good for the soul!

That's about it for an update. I'm off to do some more coursework! Hope everyone is well.

Monday, June 15, 2009

We've Been Busy

The last 2 months have been really fun and REALLY busy for us. I decided to throw a sampling of pictures from some of our bigger event. Tomorrow (Monday) begins a whole new set of fun stuff - VBS, Disney, Birthday Parties in Lexington, and of course I'm in school this summer - but I'm getting a head of myself :-D.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Classes & Photo Stories

So, I'm taking summer classes this season because these particular classes are only offered in the summer. Anyway, one of them is a technology, presentations, etc. class and is conducted by a professor that I really like. She has us doing an assignment using a new (to me) program for telling photo stories. We all know that I looooovvvveee to put together photo stories; I think they are a very powerful way to get a message across. I am completely addicted to this program!

I did a short practice video so that I would be prepared when I needed to use it for class and guess where I'm going to upload it today?! Yep, right here. I used pictures of our family from the last 3+ weeks since we've had so much going on and included one of my current favorite songs "It's America". Hope you enjoy it and thanks for indulging my obsession :-D.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Livin' Loud

Nikki danced her little heart these last few days – what a great performance! The theme this year was “Livin’ Loud” and it was awesome. I can’t get over how grown up all the girls in Nikki’s class looked on stage this year. Most of them have danced together since around the age of 6, so it’s been neat to watch them all grow.

Of course Nikki’s two best friends were dancing as well (Sam and Brooke). Brooke is in a different class this year, but they were all three still pretty much glued together back stage between performances. Nikki performed three numbers this year and just loves dancing. She would do it 24/7 if it were possible.

A lot of people came to see her dance this year; both grandmothers’, friends, cousins, neighbors – I say it a lot but I truly mean it – we are blessed.

Like every single year, Nikki’s blood sugars were off the chart – HIGH HIGH HIGH – it happens when she gets extremely excited or nervous – the two combined make for unreal numbers. I think I even saw the meter smoking once :-D. She was right back to normal – 128 – this morning. That was the last event we had and now REST; oh and DISNEY WORLD!!!! We are taking the girls to Disney at the end of this month – can’t wait.

The big downer for me was that I lost all the pictures I took from last night – I have a ton from the first day and evening but the last performance I thought I had my memory card in and didn’t; when I got home – NOTHING. Thankfully, my best friend had taken a couple of pictures of Nikki and family so I have something. Don’t think I’ll ever make that mistake again.

I have so many pictures that I want to share that I just put them in this little video file - just click on it to see my little dancer :-D.

All for now…..

Recital Week 2009


Monday, June 8, 2009

Vlogging....Yep, I said Vlogging

I don't know how often I will do this, but I decided to do a video Vlog instead of typing out my blog tonight. Here goes:


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Rambling

Happy Weekend! What beautiful weather we’ve been having! We are still in the middle of Nikki’s recital week – at this point she is preparing for her performance on Wednesday night. She’s had really great blood sugar numbers: of course, if I could figure out a way for her to live in a swimming pool she would have perfect numbers all the time; she is a fish and thankfully we have a pool – which is where you can find her when she’s not dancing. They girls have already had their first official summer sleepover - which happened THE DAY school got out.

I am taking summer classes this year in preparation for FINISHING school next May (YEEEE HAWWW). My concentration this summer (I’m a Child Studies Major with a Family Studies Minor) is Parenting Young Children with a Chronic Illness – wonder where I got that idea :-D. Seems like the classes are going to be demanding but very exciting and thankfully I won’t have the addition of teaching, and the girls’ many extracurricular activities on top of course work. The one weird thing is that I will finish up the early summer semester while we are in Disney World – thank goodness for technology huh?!

Monday will be a hard day for Amber because it will be the last day she gets to spend with Angie before the family has to return to South Africa; prayers for Amber and the Peens family would be greatly coveted. On a happy note, Amber’s LIFELONG BFF/Sister will be coming for a visit mid-June and that will be a great boost for her (and the rest of us Turner’s). Life is definitely a roller coaster – a crazy, wonderful, sad, hard, exciting roller coaster.

God is Good!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Wow, I didn't realize it has been so long since I've had a chance to blog. We have hit one, if not THE, busiest times of year for us and there just aren't enough hours in the day. Let's see, both Nikki and Amber have had their final chorus performances for the year; and for their schools - they are both moving on to middle and high school next year.

Amber has had us especially busy lately: her chorus group performed at King's Island Music in the Parks the weekend before last and placed FIRST with a rating of EXCELLENT! Way to go TMS! This past weekend Amber performed in the musical Beauty and the Beast - the cast and crew knocked it out of the park! What an awesome show - and they performed a total of 5 shows for their weekend run.
Yesterday was a very emotional day - it was the Farewell Party for Amber's best friend, Angie and her family; I just can't get my mind around the fact that they will be gone from our lives in less than a week - They will certainly takes pieces of our hearts with them.

Now hang on, that's not all: this past Friday afternoon was Nikki's 5th grade 'graduation' picnic: we had a blast. THEN tonight was Nikki's 5th grade graduation ceremony - just when I thought I was all cried out. Tomorrow in the afternoon is Amber's 8th grade graduation ceremony - followed on Wednesday by another party for Angie and Amber here at our house - a swimming party. At some point I may begin breathing (and stop crying). Next week begins recital week for Nikki.

Some totally cool news is that Bryan and I are taking our girls to Disney World for 8 days at the end of this month - can't wait to regroup and relax (oh, and hang out with Mickey of course).

Blood sugars through all of this have been AWESOME!! We are still actively raising money for the JDRF walk this summer and we also want to say thanks for the generous donations we have received already! If you want to contribute to our walk team, just click on the icon at the top left side of our blog page :-D! I'm also looking forward to catching up with my fellow bloggers by the end of the weekend - I've missed checking in with you - can't wait to see what you are up to!
God is Good