Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Checking In

Hey Everyone! Still busy here, but now I'm busy getting my summer classes completed (and with professional work) so that when we leave for Disney next Sunday (the 28th) I'll be a free agent - and have nothing to focus on but my kids and husband!

VBS is going on this week and it's been a great time. We still have tomorrow and Friday; Amber is part of the staff this year (again with the growing up stuff) and this will be Nikki's last year to attend; both girls are having a blast.

Yesterday we were able to spend almost the entire day with family. It was my nephew Michael's 9th birthday and we headed to my hometown (about and hour and half away from my house) immediately after Bible School. We had a completely wonderful time and were able to hang out with my mom, my nephews, niece, great nephew and my granny for a whole day. Now that was good for the soul!

That's about it for an update. I'm off to do some more coursework! Hope everyone is well.


Wendy said...

Beautiful family :)